How to Set up Your Workstation for Good Performance

28 February 2023

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Workstation setup is a crucial thing without any doubt to ensure good productivity, no matter to which workplace or industry you belong.

On the other hand, a bad or poor workstation can make you less productive and you can suffer from different types of joint pain, headache, neck pain, backache, eye strain, and the like due to poor posture.

But do you know how to set up your workstation for good performance? Aren’t you sure about this topic?

Please read this article to get the details and all other relevant information.

Ergonomic Workstation Setup Checklist

You need to take care of the following things to ensure an ergonomic desk setup or computer workstation ergonomics:

1. Desk and Chair

Choose a suitable desk according to your requirements. Various desks are available at the market such as executive tables, director tables, and the like. In case, the desk is adjustable, adjust the height of your chair to the desk’s right height so that you can keep your feet relaxed on the floor. You can do the same if your workstation is a standing one.

While selecting a chair, choose the one that is comfortable to sit on. Various chairs are available out there such as swivel chairs, chief executive chairs, mid-level executive chairs, and executive chairs. When the desk isn’t adjustable, lower or raise the chair position when the desk will be just below your elbow height.

Now, if you need, you can use any type of footrest.

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2. Armrests

Generally, armrests aren’t compulsory, but if it’s present, ensure that it doesn’t restrict your chair from moving near to your desk. Also, ensure that your shoulders can relax and be in a down position when you place your hands on the armrests.

3. Monitor or Laptop

Place your monitor or laptop just in front of you around a length of an arm away. Place the top of your monitor or laptop screen below or at eye level. 

4. Keyboard and Mouse

Adjust your chair or keyboard height so that your wrists and forearms remain in a straight line. Keep the mouse, and the rest of the input devices not only close to but also at your keyboard’s same height. More precisely, keep your keyboard and mouse close enough so that your elbows can stay near the body.

In case, you are using your laptop for a longer time, consider connecting a separate keyboard and mouse and raising the height of the laptop to keep its screen’s top at your eye level.

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5. Lighting & Temperature

You need to have sufficient light in your office, let it be your home office or an actual office. Install the most suitable bulbs on your computer or laptop and the desk. If it’s your home office try using natural light because it will improve your usual working atmosphere. Make sure your office is sufficiently ventilated because if it’s stuffy, you will have headaches and feel exhausted.

Try reducing shadows and glares on the work surface by following these steps:

  • Consider adjusting window shades, and/or reducing overhead lighting.
  • You can use an anti-glare shield or filter on your laptop or monitor screen or adjust your monitor screen.
  • Include a task light so that the paper references shine bright.

Try maintaining the office temperature at 21° Celsius, if it’s hot and during cold weather at 25°-26° Celsius.

6. Accessories

Use a headset in case, you have to talk regularly on the phone for a longer period and talk in a lowered tone. This headset will also help you to listen to soft music or your favorite music to release stress. You can also listen to useful tutorials without disturbing others. You can have a document holder, side rack, or multipurpose shelf to keep reference materials as near as possible to your computer screen.

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Try to keep useful materials at the same distance and height as the computer screen. Utilize ergonomic accessories such as armrests, lumbar support, external keyboards, monitor blocks, and the like to help body posture.

7. Painting Your Office

Turn your office to be more welcoming by adding a special, personal touch and having it painted with nice, and eye-soothing colors. Choose the most suitable decorating style then match it with the right patterns that show or represent your style. Add some decorative baskets or cover boxes to keep office supplies. Decorate the wall with some art like paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, metal works, and photos to add some more beauty.

8. Sofa

We have mentioned above, you’ll choose comfortable chairs to sit on when you’ll be working so that you don’t get any pain due to bad postures. You can also keep any type of sofa such as a fabric sofa, wooden sofa, rexine sofa, 2-seater sofa, or single-seater sofa to relax for some time or in case, any of your guests or business partners, or clients come to your office, they can sit comfortably. 

9. Storage Space and Personal Items

Ensure that your office remains clean and there shouldn’t be any clutter. You can have various storage solutions so that your office doesn’t look clumsy with unwanted things. There are things that you need frequently, again you’ll need some of them occasionally. Keep those occasional things in the office almirahs, or file cabinets to keep your office space free. 

You can keep a small bin where you can throw unwanted things and waste. Make sure it is cleaned every day, or you’ll have waste papers and the like but no place to throw them. You can also have reading glasses, speakers, a water bottle with water, and other essentials. Get drawer units to keep small things like moisturizers, essential oils, lip balm, and the like.

If it’s your home office, you can also keep a candle burning to maintain fresh air. Whether your home office or actual office keeping some green plants will make the air fresh and soothing for your eyes. 

10. Tips for Good Productivity and Healthy Workstation Habits

  • When you sit on the chair, maintain your spine posture in an “S-shaped” i.e. relax your back and keep your buttocks back in your chair. Never bend during work, or it will cause back pain. 
  • Keep your neck straight to prevent neck pain. 
  • Use your keyboard with a softer touch, and keep your grip relaxed on the mouse. 
  • Don’t work too long in the same position.
  • Don’t stand too long, switch between standing and sitting. 
  • Don’t wear hills while standing.
  • Keep feet width apart while standing. 
  • Frequently change the body posture.
  • Take small breaks from work such as twice an hour and periodically stretch. 
  • As you have to look at the computer or laptop screen for a long time, give the eyes some visual breaks.
  • Have your lunch away from the desk.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water. 
  • Listen to soft music or your favorite songs to take away the stress and work pressure. 

From the above discussion, you must have gotten your answers to the questions:

  • How will you set up an ergonomic workstation at home?
  • When you set up a computer workstation for good posture what will you do first?
  • How to set up your desk at work?
  • What is a workstation setup guide?

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Final Words:

Now, after reading this blog you must have become confident about how to set up your workstation for good performance in Bangladesh. So, set up your workstation whether at home or on-site in the right way and adorn it lovingly so that your work becomes a pleasure, not a burden. Visit BION Style to get comfortable, elegant, and stylish office furniture online in Bangladesh.