20 Ways that Make Bedroom More Attractive

26 February 2023


After a long hectic day, your bedroom is the place where you can take a sound sleep and make yourself recharged for the next day. You need to decorate your bedroom to make you feel dreamy, relaxed, and soothing.

But are you thinking about how to bring that effect to your bedroom?

We are here to solve this issue for you in a jiffy because we’ll discuss 20 ways that make the bedroom more attractive in Bangladesh here in our article.

Some Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Fascinating

Let’s get some ideas with a brief description to make your bedroom more beautiful, enchanting, or fascinating.

1. Choose an Appropriate Bed Size, and Place it Right

First, choose an appropriate bed size based on your bedroom size. You will get various options available at the market, such as king-sized beds, queen-sized beds, semi-double beds, double beds, and the like. When you are done choosing the right bed size for the room, now comes the proper placement of that bed. Try placing the bed in the middle of the room, and keep both sides of the bed free, so that you and your partner can get into the bed from both sides.

2. Dress up the Bed with the Exact Accessories

Think of dressing up your bed with elegant bed sheets, quilts, bedroom linens, colorful pillows, cushions & throws. Play with some colors, you can choose solid colors, prints, shades, or blocks, or check whatever you find appropriate. Mostly, people choose bright and soothing colors such as white, soft blues, cream, and the like. If it’s winter, try choosing a nice deep color or printed blanket and keep that across your bed’s foot side.

Try to keep a stock of beautiful bed sheets, so that you can change them suddenly if the situation demands. Whenever you see some likable bedsheets at an affordable price, try to buy two or three to make a stock.

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3. Bedside Tables will Add to the Beauty

Select nice bedside tables to keep things on both sides of the bed. Keep stylish or simple lampshades on those if you love to read books or magazines before falling asleep. A small flower vase with some real or artificial flowers or green plants will give a pleasant feeling. You can also keep a water bottle; in case you feel thirsty.

You will get bedside tables with drawers, or without drawers. You can keep your important things, favorite books, or magazines in the drawers. Some also come with a shelf space with drawers. Choose the one you prefer.

4. Pick A Stylish Dressing Table

Various types of dressing tables are available in the market. Choose the one based on your bedroom size and keep that in a suitable place. Keeping a tray on the dressing table with your special trinkets can add a bit more to the beauty. You can keep cute perfume bottles, jewelry, lotion, and your favorite cream on the tray.

Again, the mirror on your dressing table also will help your bedroom to look a bit more spacious. Try keeping an elegant lampshade or a special light on the dressing table to add some special effect. Thus, some simple furniture can make your bedroom more attractive.

5. Choose Fashionable Curtains and Hang them a Bit Higher

Curtains play a crucial role in making your bedroom beautiful. You will get varieties of options available both in physical and online markets. Those days are gone when people used to choose different fabrics and go to the tailors to get the curtains sewn. Nowadays, people lead quite a hectic life, and they prefer readymade ones.

Choose fashionable curtains for your windows and try to match them with the colors of your walls and furniture, or you can also contrast. Hang them 2 to 3 inches below your ceiling to make your room look larger and brighter, and your ceilings taller.

6. Give Some Touch of Art

Adorn the walls of your bedroom with some pieces of art such as paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, metal works, and the like. If you don’t have the budget, try buying paints and canvases from your nearest stores, and do some painting yourself (In case, you have a painter within yourself). Then, frame those paintings on your bedroom’s walls.

7. Try Using Wallpaper

You will get various types of solid color, printed, or embedded wallpapers in the market. Choose the one that goes well with your bedroom’s entire setup. Try adding a different blend of beauty to your bedroom.

8. Get Some Light

You have already got some idea about the lighting above. Now, let’s have a bit detailed idea. Select a floor lamp, study lamp, or table lamp that looks a bit different and beautiful. If you can afford to try modern wall lights, ceiling lights, and chandeliers to give your bedroom an elegant look.

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9. Carpets and Rugs Will Bring a Change

Various carpets, doormats, and runners can also add up to the beauty of your bedroom. Try to match the color with the colors of the walls and furniture, or you can contrast. You can also use floral or other printed options, blocks, checks, or whatever style you like.

10. Click Some Photographs and Frame Them

Click some photos with your near and dear ones, and get them professionally printed and framed in stylish photo frames. Hang them on your bedroom’s wall to get a homelier feeling in your bedroom.

11. Get a Suitable Chest of Drawers

You need to keep your clothes and other daily necessities in a convenient place. You can choose a suitable chest of drawers to serve the purpose. The same rule applies here, you can either match the color with the color of the walls and other furniture in the bedroom, or you can contrast. Use the upper space of the chest of drawers by keeping some beautiful showpieces, or some green plants in small pots or tubs. 

12. Choose an Elegant Almirah or wardrobe 

If you don’t have much space in your bedroom to keep a chest of drawers, choose an elegant almirah to keep your clothes and other daily necessities. If you have enough space and more things and clothes to keep, you can keep both chests of drawers and an almirah in the bedroom. 

13. Discard the Clutter

Often, your bedroom becomes cluttered with unnecessary things, and you don’t have enough space for walking. If such is the case, how can you even imagine sleeping in such a suffocating space? The solution is to remove the clutter and make your bedroom look more spacious and cleaner.

14. Get Some Posters and Frame Them

If you love to hang posters of your favorite stars, cartoon characters, movie characters, players, or some meaningful or memorable, or motivational quotes, try framing them and hang on your bedroom’s wall. This will add a different kind of beauty to your bedroom, or symbolize your taste and personality.

15. Make Arrangement for Some Shelves

In case, you are a book lover and love to study or just love to read your favorite novels or short stories before falling asleep, try arranging for some shelves. There you can store most of your favorite books without wasting much space in your room. Again, you can arrange those books by following the color code of the rainbow. This will add high-quality beauty and represent your taste and personality. 

16. Try Having a Stylish Divan or Ottoman at a Corner

If your bedroom is spacious enough, and you have a spare place, try having a stylish divan or ottoman at the corner of your bedroom. Your guests can sit there and have a chat with you, and it will also add some beauty. 

17. Consider Using Movable Furniture

When you are choosing beds, divans, ottomans, stools, tables, chests of drawers, or almirahs, try choosing movable ones. So, you can change their placements according to your convenience whenever you want.

18. Choose a Soothing Color if You Want to Paint

When you can afford it, try painting your bedroom with a soothing color such as beige, creamy white, sky blue, pale blue, and the like. This sort of color will give you a peaceful feeling.

19. Try Keeping an Expensive Scented Candle

You’ll get various eye-soothing color scented candles in the market. Try choosing an expensive one for your bedroom’s bedside table. Even a small expensive one will burn for a long time, and add an elegant beauty. 

20. Play with Some Textures

Playing with some textures will make your bedroom look more exciting. Suppose, keep an easy chair or wing chair, or lazy chair if you have spare space and put a different faux far cushion or throw on that. Try keeping a laundry box or basket made of cane or plastic where you can keep your clothes quickly otherwise, they will be kept on the chair or bed and make your room look untidy.

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Final Words,

Frankly speaking, if you think creatively and blend your imagination with reality, you will get several ways to make your bedroom more pleasant. Hopefully, you’ve loved our 20 ways that make the bedroom more attractive in Bangladesh.

So, apply them according to your convenience and preference and make your bedroom an awesome place to relax, and dream about an exciting future. BION Style can help you to implement that.


1. What are the most crucial things in your bedroom?

The following things are the most crucial in your bedroom:

1. Ber Frame: You need to have a strong bed frame to keep your mattresses and you safe. 

2. Mattress: The mattresses need to be soft and comfortable for a good night’s sleep.

3. Bedside Table or Nightstand: This is also essential for your bedroom to keep your small and essential things.

4. Headboard: In case, your bed frame is backless, you will need this headboard.

5. Dressing Table or Dresser: You’ll need it in your bedroom because you require to dress up properly.

6. Ottoman or Storage Bench: A modern bedroom needs it because it serves the purpose of sitting on and storing things.

7. Vanity: Vanity will keep your necessary cosmetics and various beauty products safe and organized.

8. Accent Chair: Accent chairs such as an easy chair, win chair, and lazy chair is also part of your modern bedroom.

9. Bed Sheets: Beautiful, colorful, and elegant bed sheets are essentials for your bedroom.

10. Pillows: You will need comfortable pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep.

11. Pillowcases or Pillow covers: If you have pillows, certainly, you will need pillowcases or pillow covers to cover them.

12. Blanket or Duvet: During winter, or in cold weather, you’ll need a blanket or duvet to cover yourself.

13. Blanket or Duvet Cover: If you want to keep your blanket or duvet nice for a long time, consider using a cover.

14. Quilt: Nice, classy quilts are also regarded as essential.

15. Decorative Pillows or Cushions: Decorative pillows or cushions will add some extra beauty to your bedroom.

16. Various Types of Lighting: Various types of lighting play a crucial role in beautifying your bedrooms. We have already mentioned different types of lights in our above discussion.

17. Bedroom Wall Decorative and Essentials: You have already come to know about various types of wall decoration from our above discussion. Again, you can hang nice, designer wall clocks to make your bedroom look more beautiful, and you can also see the time.

18. Curtains: Curtains are essential in your bedrooms to keep your privacy and also cover the extra light.

19. Whole-length Mirror: A whole-length mirror will give you the option to see yourself from top to bottom while dressing up in your bedroom.

20. Carpets and Rugs: Carpets and rugs will add extra beauty to your bedrooms.

21. Chest of Drawers or Almirahs: You will need a chest of drawers or an almirah or both to keep your clothes organized.

22. Baskets: We have already discussed baskets or laundry boxes above to keep your extra clothes.

23. Candles: Candles, especially, scented candles add a special beauty to your bedroom.

24. Plants: Plants will add a green beauty to your bedrooms.

25. Flowers: Flowers are always a source of beauty, so they will beautify your bedroom for sure.

2. How can you make your bedroom more relaxing?

Just follow the below-mentioned ways to make your bedroom more relaxing:

  1. Make your room tidier.
  2. Eliminate your clutters.
  3. Keep your walls fresh. Apply nice wallpapers or paint them with soothing colors. 
  4. Use nice pillow covers.
  5. Keep flowers close.
  6. Keep some green plants.
  7. Keep your devices away.
  8. Apply some beautiful lighting arrangements. 
  9. Add some eye-catchy showpieces.
  10. Keep your workspace separate.
  11. Make the bed nicely.
  12. Light up scented candles.
  13. Keep decorative pillows and cushions.
  14. Hang stylish curtains a bit higher.
  15. Beautify your bedside table.

3. What you should not keep in your bedroom?

You shouldn’t keep the following things in your bedroom:

  1. Your pets.
  2. Electronic devices.
  3. Clutters.
  4. Exercise equipment.
  5. Your desk or workspace.
  6. An old foam or mattress. 
  7. Dirty laundry.