30 Modern Kitchen Room Ideas You Need To Know

28 February 2023


In the old days, you might have seen that a kitchen was so neglected while planning a house, usually, it was the smallest part of the house. But over time, gradually, this theme has changed.

Nowadays, a kitchen plays as the heart of your home. Your kitchen represents your taste and aesthetics.

Your kitchen is the most crucial part of your home because here, your food is prepared. Some can argue that modern kitchen designs are cold and stark. But its main focus is on creating a clean, calming, functional, and open space expressing your character and own style.

Here, we’ll discuss 30 modern kitchen room ideas you need to know to give your kitchen a new, refreshing look in Bangladesh.

Some Modern Kitchen Room Ideas

Now, we’ll get directly engaged with our main topic. Your kitchen may be small, medium, or large, but whatever might be the kitchen size you need to adorn it in such a way that people will get spellbound after looking at it. Let’s start getting ideas.

1. Give Your Space an Open Look

If your kitchen is not a separate room, but it is a space with your dining, try blending this space between your kitchen and dining. It will give a fresh and open feeling to your kitchen. Keep a large wooden frame attached with a table-like space and a shelf to keep things in your kitchen. It will separate both spaces, still keeping the space open.

Get your floor, and dining table’s color matched with the mentioned wooden frame. Try having lights within customized extra-large wooden shades above the dining table to get a unique look. Use black and white color wrought iron chairs to get a contrasting feeling.

2. Use Clean Lines

The beauty of modern design lies in the use of simple, and clean architectural lines. Using lines artistically will ensure a sleek look in the kitchen. Paint your cabinetry or kitchen hardware with the same color as the doors of the cabinet. It will blend the tones and keep your space as tonal and as bold as possible. 

3. Apply Two Tones

If you have dark colors at the bottom half of your kitchen, it will create a contrast between bright walls and lower cabinetry. Suppose, if you have navy blue or black color on the main cabinets and kitchen islands, it will contrast with the white color of the walls and the ceiling.

4. Use a Statement Color

When you have a special love for bold colors, try using any of them in your kitchen such as matte black. If you use this color on cabinets, pendant light holders, window frames, and the like. It will create a contrasting effect in the kitchen with brighter counterparts like the walls and the ceiling. 

5. Try Using Bold Lines

Using bold lines on the walls, then continuing them to the ceiling will attract the eyes of the viewers. If you use wooden color to the lines matching your kitchen furniture, it will create a unique effect like a farmhouse. 

6. Give Some Golden Touch

You can do it easily if you think a bit creatively. Suppose, you can use golden colors on the handles of the cabinets, legs of the stools, chairs, and tables, kitchen faucets, light holders, and the like. This little golden touch will add a lot of beauty to the looks of your kitchen. 

7. Go Classic

If you want to give your kitchen room a bit classy look, try using classy pendant lights, white color cabinets, and countertops. This will keep the look both clean and elegant.

8. Play with Lighting

You can use lights as your style statement in the kitchen to make a difference. Nowadays, various types of lights are available such as floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, and the like. If you use a beautiful chandelier to separate your dining or drawing room and the kitchen, it will give an elegant effect.

9. Try Something Contemporary

If you are a fan of modern designs, the contemporary kitchen must be your dream. Natural textures accompany sleek lines where shiplap walls include some depth. Try using pendant lights with a finish of brushed metal to give the space a modern look.

10. Use Wood Cabinet

Use engineering wood with a laminated kitchen cabinet, or solid wood with a lacquer kitchen cabinet in your medium-sized kitchen to give it a different look. If the floor has an earthy tone, it will give natural vibes.

11. Blend Traditional with Modern

You love to flaunt your kitchen’s modern look but are reluctant to change the traditional furniture; if this is the case you can blend traditional with modern. Suppose, keep neutral tones in your floor tiles, and have printed, decent wallpaper on the walls with a slight bluish touch in your furniture, and the room’s different corners.

12. Use Open Shelving

If your kitchen is completely white, adding an open shelving section in a wood tone between your cabinetry will give the room extra warmth. Well, it will also serve as an ideal way to display your beautiful dinnerware.

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13. Mix Metals

Use golden cone-shaped pendant lights, a silver color kitchen hood with golden details, and a golden faucet to give your kitchen a metallic beauty.

14. Add a Contrasting Hood

If your kitchen is fully white with white cabinetry, try adding a black range kitchen chimney or hood to create a contrasting style.

15. Apply Glass Fronts

Try applying glass fronts in your kitchen cabinet to display all your kitchen utensils, dinner sets, coffee sets, tea sets, glass sets, mug sets, and the like. It will give your kitchen a unique beauty. You’ll always need to keep the cabinet tidy because of the glass fronts.

16. Have a Disappearing Effect

Suppose, your kitchen space is attached to the living and dining area. In this case, keep white cabinets that blend well with the white marble wall. Also, keep a pearly, stylish marble dining table with baby pink chairs so that the marble tale takes the spotlight.

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17. Let a Color Pop Up

You already know that whiter means brighter. So, if you keep all your surroundings white and add a specific color such as red via cooking ware, serving dishes, flowers, and vases, it will add a specific beauty. Thus red popping up will catch the eyes of the viewers.

18. Inject a Bit of Warmth

When the major parts of your kitchen are white, try adding some wood surfaces in between, also add some matte green chairs or stools to bring some extra warmth to the kitchen.

19. Have it Simple

You can simply decorate your kitchen by keeping everything white. Try painting the walls with texture-rich white plaster colors to add some dimension and depth. Have statement lights, and light-colored wooden cabinets to include some more beauty. 

20. Mix Styles

Experiment with the looks of your kitchen by mixing some industrial elements with your whimsical style. Suppose, add a steel kitchen chimney or hood with the steel pipe peeping up, and navy blue paint on the walls will give an industrial feeling. Now, include a white, and blue striped curtain covering the wooden shelves under the countertops giving a whimsical feeling.

21. Use Bold Tiles

You’ll get various types of tiles in the market. Try choosing a bold one to give your kitchen a bold and beautiful look. It will cost a bit more, but when you’ll get a different pleasure after going to your kitchen, you won’t feel bad. 

22. Try a Cottage Kitchen

Pair your kitchen’s oak cabinetry with gray marble stone countertops to bring that cottage feel to your kitchen. Try earthy-brown tiles for the backsplash and floor to keep a contemporary, masculine look. 

23. Marble Walls

When your kitchen is all white, keep the walls and countertops of marble stones to give it a unique look. The special patterns of the marble stone will add extra beauty. If you use globe-pendant lights, they will look awesome in this setup. 

24. Drawer Storage

Use drawer storage to keep all your kitchen hardware inside, and give your kitchen a neat and clean look. 

25. Add Some Green Plants

Try keeping some green plants in small pots or tubs on the window slab to give your kitchen a fresh look. 

26. Use a Cheerful Color

Use a cheerful color to paint the walls of your kitchen such as sunflower-yellow, if not possible, keep your cabinetry this color, and have some touch of this color also in some other furniture. Keep your countertops dark black to give a contrasting effect. Also, keep some real or artificial sunflowers in a vase in the middle of your dining table to cheer up the room more.

27. Give Some Personal Touch

Include a kind of personal touch to your kitchen by keeping a chalkboard on one side. Keep everything in the kitchen with a black-and-white combination. Suppose, keep white cabinets and black countertops. Try writing some personal messages on the chalkboard and add a personal touch of beauty that no painting can attain.

28. Use Marble Countertops and Pendant Lights

Get marble countertops to achieve a different look. Try using dark or light colors based on your choice. Adding some pendant lights here will add a modern look for sure.

29. Blend Your Kitchen with the Drawing Room

Modern apartments mostly have kitchens, dining, and drawing in the same space. You need to blend your kitchen with dining and drawing and keep the space open. Have some knowledge about modern drawing room design as well as a kitchen to blend both appropriately. Try separating both with a beautiful chandelier, or a transparent curtain. 

If you want to maintain privacy while cooking, try separating the kitchen from the sitting or living room with beautiful curtains. 

30. Use Mirrors

Using mirrors can make your space feel larger. Especially, if your kitchen is small, try placing a beautiful mirror beside the sink, it will add some beauty. Again, if your cabinet has glass fronts, instead of transparent glass, mirror fronts will add a different look without any doubt, it won’t require keeping the cabinet tidy always because the mirror won’t let anyone see what's inside the cabinet.

Final Words:

Now, when you are well-equipped with these 30 modern kitchen room ideas you need to know, just apply any of these or blend some of these ideas to give your kitchen the best look. Get the latest and quality kitchen cabinets online from BION Style and adorn your kitchen in the best possible way in Bangladesh.