How to Set Up a Conference Room (Pro Tips)

01 March 2023

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For any type of local or startup business web conferencing becomes one of the integral factors. Because we live in the modern era of new technology. We have to communicate with our business partners and clients through different types of digital media such as video conferencing, webcasts, and webinars.

You can't even think of a corporate office without a conference room or a meeting room. There are lots of factors you should focus on for optimizing a conference room such as furniture, tech accessories, decoration, etc.

So it becomes a highly necessary factor to properly set up your conference room. In this article, we are going to guide you in setting up your office conferencing room appropriately.

Significant Tips for Set Up a Conference Room

It's very easy to arrange your office conference room if you have the right knowledge about the necessary types of equipment and their orientation. In this, we will provide you with some significant tips about arranging the conference room. So let's focus on that.

1. Furniture

Well, furniture is the most important factor for setting up your office conference room. Because all your team members will sit and discuss various factors and participate in different meetings. Without the right furniture, the conference room will look empty. 

Before choosing the furniture for the conference room you have to do some proper research on the size of the entire room. Based on the room size you have to pick up the furniture. Otherwise, the furniture will look improper for the room. 

Also, you need to take the opinion of the other employees of the office about the furniture. They should be comfortable with the office furniture.

The most significant piece of furniture in the conference room is the conference table. There are various types of conference tables available in the furniture market.

  • Round.
  • U-Shape.
  • Rectangular.
  • Modular.
  • Boat.

So you have to choose the right table based on the conference room size. Rectangular conference tables are the most commonly used furniture in most corporate offices.

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Along with the table, another important furniture is the office chairs. There is no doubt that without the perfect set of chairs, the conference table will remain incomplete. Various models of office chairs are available in online furniture shops like swivel chairs, chief executive chairs, mid-level executive chairs, executive chairs, etc.

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2. Monitors

Along with the furniture, a digital monitor is another important equipment for the conference room. Because in a modern office, most of the employees arrange online meetings with local and International clients. Besides that, the monitor helps in presenting something in front of the team members. For that reason, a large-size monitor is highly beneficial for better communication and good productivity.

But you have to choose the monitor for the conference room very carefully. The first thing you need to remember is that the monitor size should be matched the conference room's vertical space. An optimum-size wall mounting monitor is the best choice for your conference room.

Also, there are various types of monitors available in the tech markets. 

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED).
  • OLED Display.

These types of monitors come in different sizes. Generally, a 24-32 inch monitor is appropriate for the conference room. Along with the display size, the resolution is also an integral part of the monitor. Higher resolution will be able to provide the best quality and clean visual output. In the video meeting, all of your team members will attend. So a high-resolution screen is a must need factor. Most of the latest models of monitors contain 4k-8k resolution. For video conferencing, a 4k monitor is the optimum range.

3. Operating Devices

For the full functionality of the monitor, you must need a computer as an operating device. Through the computer, you have to operate online video meetings, presentations, and documents. Without a good-spec computer, your room will not be considered a conference room at all.

Many of us think that we can maintain the conference room tasks with our devices like smartphones or laptops. But it can become embarrassing or irritating for sudden popup notifications such as personal messages, emails, etc. In addition, constantly moving the devices from one place to another place is also time-consuming.

So it's necessary to choose a permanent device to operate the tasks. It will create a professional image and improve the quality of the task management system.

There are various models and different specifications of computers available in the tech markets. When you are choosing a computer for the conference room, you don't need a high-spec computer at all.

Because you don't have to do heavy tasks on that computer. Specifically, if we talk about the configuration, the latest generation of Intel Core i3 processor is the most appropriate option. Along with the processor the PC needs to contain at least 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD.

4. Camera

For a flawless and smooth video conferencing meeting, a perfect-quality camera should be attached to the monitor. The conference room camera helps in presenting the company's brand image to the clients.

Generally, this camera is used in capturing videos during an online video meeting. So for effective communication, a good quality camera is always needed. Suppose you have used a low-quality camera with a monitor during the meeting. 

As a result, your client might see a pixelated video quality during the video conference. It can create a bad impact on the overall business relationship between you and your clients.

So you have to pick the right quality camera for video conferencing. There are multiple types of cameras available with different functionalities. Before buying any camera you must check the resolution of the camera. 

A high-resolution camera will provide a crystal clear image quality in the video. Generally, 720p resolution cameras are the most popular but 1080p cameras are the best for high-quality visuals.

In addition, you should choose a wide-angle lens camera. Because this type of lens can easily capture images of a wider space. As you are collaborating meeting with your team members, So this will become helpful for a better viewing angle.

5. Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is a modern and smart version of the conventional whiteboard. It's a huge size touch responsive display which is actually structured as a whiteboard. Users can easily write and ease with a touch pen.

These types of whiteboards are currently popular among different schools, colleges, and other institutions. Also, multiple organizations use these types of whiteboards for team collaboration meetings and presentations.

So a smart whiteboard becomes one of the significant equipment for the conference room. Two different categories of interactive whiteboards are available in the tech market.

  • Fixed Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Portable Interactive Whiteboard.

Portable whiteboards are more flexible than fixed versions. Because after using the whiteboards you can easily move them. As a result, it will not consume too much space in your conference room. Most of the famous tech manufacturers company as Google, Microsoft, and Samsung produce different models of interactive whiteboards. You can choose any of the models based on your conference room decoration budget.

6. Methods of Communication

After arranging all the necessary accessories and types of equipment for the conference room of the office. Now the time has come to choose the perfect online communication method for running the online meeting properly.

There are various types of video conferencing technology available on the internet.

  • Google Meet.
  • Zoom.
  • Microsoft Teams.

Most of these techniques can provide a similar kind of experience. But they have contains some minor differences based on their features. We can suggest you choose “Google Meet”.

Because you already know that Google services are more flexible and smooth than the other companies. One of the major benefits of Google Meet is you don't have to install any additional software for arranging the online meetings.

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Final Words

In this era of digitalization, it's highly significant to keep up to date with new technology. In the present time, a well-organized conference room becomes a significant place. So it's necessary to know how to set up a conference room appropriately.

To properly set up a conference room, you must need some important accessories such as monitors, cameras, operating devices, etc. In this article, we have discussed all these equipment in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of monitors is useful for the conference room?

The monitor is the core accessory of a conference room. Generally LED monitors are most beneficial for the corporate conference room. Besides that, the monitor should contain the capability of a higher resolution. It will improve the visual quality of the videos.

2. Is smart interactive whiteboards beneficial for the conference room?

Yes, a smart interactive whiteboard is highly work efficient for a conference room. Because most organizations, schools, and colleges use smart whiteboards its multiple functionalities.

3. Why are conference rooms important for an office?

Nowadays most modern offices have a well-organized conference room. Generally, the conference room is used for team collaboration meetings, client video conferencing, and team presentations. So for better productivity, a conference room is a must needed a place for every office.