How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Bedroom? (Perfect Solution)

02 March 2023


A bedroom is a place where you’ll relax after a hectic long day. So, you need to organize that room in such a way that you’ll forget all your tiredness and get a soothing feeling.

But if your bedroom is small, you need to think a bit carefully because too much furniture can make it congested.

You don’t need to think any longer because you’ll get a complete idea here in this article-” how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom (perfect solution).”

Let’s divide our discussion into three parts:

  1. How to Organize Your Small Bedroom.
  2. Design Ideas for Small Bedroom.
  3. Some Tips for Arrangement and Storage in Your Small Bedroom

Let’s elaborate on the above points:

1. How to Organize Your Small Bedroom

If you want to arrange your small bedroom, you need to take care of every small detail carefully, because otherwise, you won’t have enough space in your room. Try the following ideas to create some space in your small bedroom:

  • Keep Your Bed in the Room’s Center

Put your bed in the middle of your room so that you have space on both sides of your bed to get out of your bed. You can use both sides of your bed to keep two small nightstands, or keep one nightstand at one side and keep a small study table with books at a corner on the other side if you’re a bookworm. A flower vase on the nightstand will add some extra beauty, also keep a water bottle there in case, you feel thirsty at night. 

  • Set aside a Nightstand or Both

Set aside or remove a nightstand, if your room doesn’t have enough space. Then you can take your bed closer to the other wall and still have some space to use, or you can also keep your bed adjacent to the wall. 

  • Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers is a good option to keep your clothes and necessary things in one place. You can also use the top of the chest of drawers to keep essential things or you can also palace your TV on the top. If you don’t want to keep your TV there, then try mounting your smart TV on the wall to save some space. 

  • Use Rugs Thoughtfully

Have you ever thought that keeping rugs in your bedroom can make your room look larger? Use soft and colorful rugs in your room thoughtfully. If your bed is in the middle of the room, keep about ⅔ of the rug under the bed. If your bed is in a corner, put the rug at the side of the bed or under another piece of furniture. 

Use your imagination and creativity to make your room spacious.

  • Sketch a Layout of Your Small Bedroom

Sketch a layout of your small bedroom in your mind and then draw it with pen and paper to adorn your small bedroom accordingly.

2. Design Ideas for Small Bedroom

Your small bedroom can look from clumsy to decent, only depending on your way of decorating it. Well, you don’t need a lot of things to reflect your taste and personality in your small bedroom. Just need to do everything in an artistic and planned way keeping in mind your comfort.

  • Utilize Natural

The exact lighting can make your room look brighter and more spacious. Similarly,  if your room is dark, it will look clumsy and dull. Natural light can play a great role here. Ensure that natural light comes into your room through the windows properly. If the natural light doesn’t get into your room equally, use mirrors to reflect the light equally in all parts of your room proportionately.

  • Highlight Upward

You can make your room look taller by highlighting upward. Try painting your ceilings with lively colors so that people get attracted. You can also give your room a taller look by hanging your curtains on your windows and doors from a height near the ceiling.

  • Apply Mirrors and Decorative Lights

Placing a stylish and decorative mirror above your chest of drawers can make your room look elegant and you won’t feel the need to have a stylish dressing table. You can have an elegant ceiling light or chandelier to draw the viewers’ attention to your ceiling and create an illusion of making your space look larger.

  • Try to Have Matching Tones

Matching tones will help your small bedroom space look classy. Try using bright and light colors on the walls so that the room feels more airy, open, and spacious. 

  • Have Some Artistic Touch

The most appropriate definition of art is that it’s something that creates a feeling of “wow” inside you. Let people see your small bedroom and say “wow” by adding some artistic touch to it. Use painting, sculpture, wood carving, metalwork, and photo frames to make your small space more classy and elegant.

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3. Some Tips for Arrangement and Storage in Your Small Bedroom

A well-planned bedroom design will help you to make your room look more extensive. Just go with the tips we’ve given here for arrangement and storage in your small bedroom and you’ll be golden.

  • Use Multi-purpose Furniture to have Extra Storage

Multi-purpose furniture will serve both the purpose of furniture and storage. Suppose, if you use a storage bed, you’ll get enough space to store seasonal clothes and blankets inside the box or drawer it has under it. You can also keep a storage ottoman at the leg side of your bed that you can use both for sitting and keeping extra clothes inside it for storage.

  • Select the Appropriate Nightstand

An appropriate nightstand can create an extra effect in your small room. Try choosing the ones with drawers over the ones with open spaces because it will help you store your necessary things more effectively. 

  • Use Cabinets or Closets to Save Space

If you have large furniture that will eat up the space of your small room. So, instead of having a large almirah, try having cabinets or closets on your walls to save some space. You need to maintain those cabinets well to keep them free from dust, insects, and mites. 

  • Avoid Using Too Many Small Pieces  

Don’t use too many small pieces of furniture, instead use a few large pieces to save more space so you can breathe. 

  • Choosing Beds for Your Small Room

Choose a king-sized bed, queen-sized bed, or semi-double bed based on your room size. Place your bed in a place where you can save more space as we have mentioned some ideas above. Use your space creatively and intelligently. 

  • Experiment with the Headboard

Try having some experiments with the headboard. Don’t have just a plain headboard, try painting something creative on it, or have a cozy color on it. You can have open shelves on the headboard or above your bed to keep some decorative pieces or pictures, showpieces, or whatever you like. 
You can also go with beds without headboards. 

Just choose intelligently so that your space doesn’t look clumsy.

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Final Words: 

Now, must have understood how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom. Just use your imagination and creativity and remember your comfort, you’ll have everything amazing, cool, and decent in your small bedroom. Check online on the BION Style website for your desired pieces of furniture to adorn your small room.


1. How to arrange a small bedroom with big furniture?

Just follow these steps and you can arrange:

  • Use a bed frame that is low profile.
  • Use nightstands with open legs.
  • Choose half-round or half-moon nightstands.
  • Don’t have more than three pieces of furniture.
  • Put your bed in an off-center position.

2. How to organize a small bedroom with a desk?

Just do the following and you can organize:

  • If you want to use the desk for your office work, keep it away from your bed.
  • Place the desk between fitted almirahs or wardrobes.
  • Keep the desk in front of a window.
  • Keep a floating desk in a corner.
  • Include a desk along with fitted storage on the walls.
  • Hide your desk in a cabinet.
  • Add a classical look to your room with a classic desk.
  • Use a free-standing desk.
  • Choose a desk with storage drawers.
  • Use your dressing table as a desk.
  • Keep your desk concealed on your windowsill.

3. How to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed?

Just follow these steps:

  • Have a long area rug.
  • Keep the bed along with your room’s longest wall.
  • Keep bedside tables rather than nightstands.
  • Use a small-size dresser.
  • Hang your curtains high.
  • Keep a tall headboard.
  • Go for light colors for the walls.
  • Don’t make the room congested with too much furniture.

4. How to organize a small bedroom with a king bed?

You can arrange your room effectively if you do the following:

  • Start making placements of the furniture with the largest furniture. Here, it’s the king-size bed.
  • Place the bed in front of a window and remove the headboard so that you won’t block the natural views and light.
  • Use your space vertically to store things by having wall cabinets, or shelves. 
  • Hang the curtains higher.
  • Use brighter colors on the walls.

5. How to organize a small bedroom having two windows?

The following tips will help you do the above:

  • Place your bed in such that one window will be on one side and the other will be across from you. Thus, you’ll get light both morning and evening time.
  • Try placing the bed in a perpendicular position to the window. It will help you get a gentle breeze during the summer and stop any direct sunlight during warmer seasons. 
  • Try using see-through curtains during the daytime to get natural light, and heavy curtains during the night to keep your privacy.
  • Consider using furniture placements or rugs to make zones in the room.
  • In case, you like to have nightstands in your bedroom, try placing them on either side of the bed so that they are in a parallel position to the windows. It will let you have enough space in your room and give a balanced look to the room.

6. What should be the bed placement in a small room feng shui?

The most suitable position for your bed in the bedroom is against the room’s wall, opposite the door. The leg side of the bed will extend into the room on the room’s other side. This will a complete view of the total room and the door. It’s called the commanding position in feng shui.