30 Actionable Ways to Decorate Your Living Room

23 February 2023

Living Room Furniture

Your living room is where you welcome your guests and near and dear ones with the warmth of your hospitality. You reflect your aesthetics and taste in its decoration. You will always want to decorate it so that whoever comes will be mesmerized by its beauty and cannot but praise your aesthetics.

But are you thinking about bringing that effect into your living room?

Well, we are here to solve that problem. Because in this article, we’ll discuss 30 actionable ways to decorate your living room in Bangladesh.

Decorating Ways for Your Living Room

Now, let’s get straight into our main topic. Have a look at the ideas one by one with a short description of each.

1. Paint Your Walls Differently

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it because it serves you as one of the most economical means to change your living room’s look. You can consider using contrasting colors if you use deep colors for your walls try using light colors for the curtains and furniture and vice versa. When you want to highlight a specific piece of furniture or feature of your room such as a stylish divan, consider painting that wall with a bright and bold tone. Again, when you want to give the room a cozier look, consider painting the room with a deep color.

When you have the desire to give your space an airier feeling, try to choose quite a light color. Frankly speaking, there are numerous possibilities to adorn your living room. Just use your imagination.

2. Apply Some Art

When you want to decorate your living room, applying some art can a long way. You can buy some beautiful paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, metal works, and different other types of showpieces, which will add a unique beauty to your sitting room. But if you don’t have that budget, consider buying paints and canvases from your nearest shops, and if you have an artist within yourself, let it become alive with your paintings on that canvas. Then use those paintings to decorate your sitting room’s walls.

You can also create some showpieces on your own with your old household things like old coffee mugs, cups, fabric, ribbon, and the like.

3. Play with Lights

Lighting plays a major part while decorating your sitting room. You can bring a different look to your living room by choosing some floor lamps, table lamps, and study lamps of unique designs. If you have more budget you can also look for some beautiful ceiling lights, wall lights, and chandeliers to add an elegant look to your sitting room.

It doesn’t mean that if you want to your living room design with lights, you will have to have a big budget. Try choosing the lights within your budget that will not only look good but also will be affordable.

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4. Use Different Types of Rugs

Get beautiful, colorful rugs for your living room to give it a new look. You can get different types of carpets and rugs, doormats, and runners within your budget. Measure the room before going to the market, and think accordingly about where you can place that. Choose the design carefully; you can use rugs of solid colors, or printed ones such as floral prints, prints of various shapes such as circle-printed, triangle-printed, square-printed, or any other kinds of designs you prefer.

5. Choose Your Sofa Carefully

When your guests will come to your place, after welcoming them you’ll ask them to have a seat. So, you need to make a suitable sitting arrangement for your guests. Consider the size of your living room, and then choose the sofa accordingly. Various options are available at the market such as L-shaped sofa sets, leather sofas, fabric sofa sets, Faux leather sofas, Office sofa, Lounge sofa sofas with divans, and ottomans.

Decide how many single-seaters, 2-seater sofas, and 3-seater sofas you need. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your place clumsy, and have some space for walking. Choose the color, design, or print that will complement your room’s color, other furniture, curtains, and showpieces.

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6. Decide which Tables Go Well with Your Entire Set up

Choose a unique center table that can capture your guest’s attention. You can go for a wooden table, cane, plywood, glass top, or whichever table goes well with your setup. Also, choose side tables if you need them for your guests to keep their coffee mugs, or tea cups after having coffee or tea. You can also keep flower vases or other showpieces or small plants in pots there.

7. Keep your TV in a Convenient Place

Decide where you can place your TV from that everyone can watch it without any interruption. Choose a suitable TV cabinet for that. You’ll get various options available on the market. Here, the same rule applies to try to match or contrast with other furniture and the color of the room. If you don’t have enough space in the room, consider hanging the TV on the wall with the appropriate arrangement.

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8. Use Different Chairs if You Need

When you have enough space in your sitting room, try using various types of chairs such as wing chairs, easy chairs, lazy chairs, beanbag chairs, and the like. If you have a large family, you will need chairs to make the right sitting arrangement for all. 

9. Cushions and Throws Will Add Some Beauty

Make sure your guests feel comfortable when they sit in your living room. Consider using cushions & throws to ensure that comfort along with the beauty they will add. You can use different colors, prints, or shapes whatever type you find the best fit for your living room setting.

10. Choose Nice Curtains and Hang them to Make a Difference

Curtains play a crucial role in decorating your living room. You have various options when choosing the right curtains. You can purchase the fabric and get them sewn by your tailor, but nowadays our schedule is becoming so hectic that you won’t get so much time. You can choose various types of readymade curtains of various fabrics, colors, prints, and styles either from physical stores or online shops.

Hanging the curtains differently will also make a difference in beautifying your living room. Suppose, if you hang your curtains a bit higher, it will give a feeling that your ceilings are taller, making your room look larger and brighter.

11. Consider Switching Your Curtains with the Blinds

Blinds can add a different, chic, and modern look to your living room. If your curtains look old, or outdated, take measurements of your windows and order blinds to adorn your windows and block light differently.

12. Keep Some Plants

Plants are becoming popular day by day in the case of decorating living rooms. Keep some green plants if you have some space in your room in a tub or vase or in a small pot on the table to give a fresh feeling to your living room’s air. At the same time, the green look will be soothing for your and your guests’ eyes.

13. Rejuvenate Old Furniture

Is there any old or outdated furniture lying in your home? Are you trying to discard it? Consider rejuvenating the old pieces of furniture with your creativity as you can update the old furniture with new covers, and colors, or simply make new furniture out of the old ones. Suppose, you have an old coffee table, you can color it differently or give a pleasant, embroidered cover over it to give it a makeover treatment.

14. A Little Rearrangement Can Do A Lot

It’s quite natural that you might not have the budget to decorate your living room elegantly. A little rearrangement can do a lot in this case. You just need to change the placement of your furniture and other things to give your sitting room a new look. The most interesting part of this trick is that it is free.

15. Use Scented and Floating Candles 

Various types of candles are now becoming popular ways to decorate your living room such as scented candles, designer candles, and floating candles. You can keep a glass bowl with water on your center table and keep the floating candles there and add an amazing charm to your living room.

16. Discard Your Clutter

It happens that some unnecessary things are cluttered in our places and occupy a lot of space. In that case, discard those clutters to make your room look cleaner, more spacious, and more welcoming.

17. Take Photographs With Your Near Ones and Frame Them

Consider taking photographs with your near and dear ones, getting them professionally printed, and framing them in beautiful photo frames. Then hang them on your living room’s wall to make your living room feel homelier.

18. Use Multifunctional Storage Furniture

Nowadays, various types of multifunctional storage furniture such as sofas cum beds, multifunctional ottomans, multifunctional tables, and the like. These types of pieces of furniture are helpful if you don’t have much space in your living room. Choose the style, color, fabric, and material based on your setup either contrasting or matching.

19. Use Mirrors to Get a Unique Look

Using a mirror on your living room wall can make your room look larger and more spacious. Different varieties are available in the market. Choose the style, design, color, and size depending on your choice.

20. Experiment with Textures

In case, you are not confident enough in using colors, try experimenting with different textures. You can do it by using cotton, leather, glass, stone, wood, and various other textures according to your preference.

21. Blend Your Upholstery

There is no hard and fast rule to decorating your living room. You don’t need to match everything you have in your room with one another. You can mix the upholstery to give your living room a more personal look and break the style such as you can mix your leather or rexine sofa with a fabric sofa, or you can mix your cane sofa with a wooden one, and the like.

22. Try Using Movable Furniture

Whenever you choose sofas, tables, divans, ottomans, and stools, ensure that they are movable. It gives you innumerable options to change the looks of your living room at any time, according to your convenience.

23. Arrange for Some Shelves

It will be a great idea to store your things without wasting additional space, especially, if you don’t have enough space in your living room. Arrange for some shelves on your wall, and keep your favorite books, showpieces, plants, and the like to add a special type of aesthetic or taste to the room.

24. Order Your Books According to Color Codes

If you are a bookworm, you can use your books to decorate your sitting room in a playful way such as can order all your books according to the colors of the rainbow.

25. Consider Matching Fabrics

Suppose, you have a favorite lampshade or flower vase in your living room, consider matching fabrics for your sofa or curtains with that. This matching pattern will bring harmony to your sitting room.

26. Show Your Magazines

You can keep your favorite magazines and daily newspapers in your living room, especially if there is a space on your shelves, side tables, or center tables. It will give a gentle touch of your personality to the room.

27. Put Your Posters in Frame

If you love to put posters on your bedroom walls, try tastefully framing them and putting them on your living room wall to get a variation in the room’s look.

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28. Keep a Globe

Keep a globe in your living room to give it a cultured and global look. The best part of this decorating way is that you will get the chance to sharpen your geographical knowledge now and then.

29. Display the Musical Instruments 

If you are an ardent music lover or singer or once a guitar player, try displaying the musical instruments you have while embellishing your living room. These musical instruments will add a sense of art and culture to the looks of your room and also make it possible for you to practice playing those during your leisure hour.

30. Update Old Fabrics

If you are getting tired of your lampshades, old cushion covers, and pillows? Despite throwing them away try updating them with affordable and simple accessories or embellishments like beads, buttons, gemstones, fringes, and tassels. Thus, consider bringing an eye-catching look to the living room.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our 30 actionable ways to decorate your living room in Bangladesh. The good news is that you’ll get almost all of your required furniture and accessories in BION Style to adorn your living room in the desired way. So, pick up the best ideas that best suit your taste and aesthetics and match your living room, and rejuvenate the room with a new and refreshing look.


1. How can you begin to decorate your living room?

We hope the ways discussed above will help you get started with decorating your living room. Try starting with the small things and then gradually going for the larger things. People usually, start with rugs, sofas, and art on the wall. Always try to keep some space for walking and having a conversation while sitting.

2. How can you make your living room look beautiful?

You can make your living room look beautiful if you can play with various colors artistically. Try choosing various colorful cushions, throws, and other decorating elements to change the monotonous look of the room. Just follow the tricks discussed above based on the size of your space and budget.

3. How can you beautify your living room if your budget is low?

You do not need to redesign or restructure the whole setup to get an impact. As mentioned above begin with rearranging your furniture to get a new look to your living room. Buy some new frames to apply some art to the wall with family pictures, posters, and prints. Have some green plants, and paint one or two walls to have a deep impact. These few steps can create an immense difference in beautifying your living room within a low budget.