Things to Consider When Buying a Wardrobe

26 February 2023


Love to adorn yourself with the latest designer clothes? Yup, most of us love to do so. Then you must love to shop for them as well. But after shopping comes the task of keeping them accordingly. You will need a wardrobe to keep all your clothes organized whether the latest designer or not.

Are you thinking of buying a wardrobe? If yes, you’ll find this article helpful because we’ll discuss the things to consider when buying a wardrobe in Bangladesh here.

Things to Remember When Buying a Wardrobe

Now, let’s focus on our main topic of discussion. Consider the following things before choosing your desired wardrobe.

  1. Wardrobe Type or Style.
  2. Storage Space.
  3. Size.
  4. Quantity of Clothes
  5. Material.
  6. The External Look.
  7. The Internal Design.
  8. Made-to-Order or Readymade.
  9. The Door Style.
  10. Purpose.
  11. Price.
  12. Wardrobe Finish.
  13. Maintenance.

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Let’s discuss each factor thoroughly.

1. Wardrobe Type or Style

You will find various types of wardrobe. Choose your style based on your purpose, storage space, and your room’s space. The mentionable types are briefly discussed below:

a) Free Standing Wardrobe

Free-standing wardrobes are also called stand-alone wardrobes. The main benefit you will get from this wardrobe type is that you can move it anywhere according to your requirements. This feature is especially useful when you frequently rearrange your bedroom furniture or you need to shift to a new home. Another benefit is that you don’t need to install it, which will is both time and money-saving.

These are the most suitable alternatives to old-styled steel cupboards or almirahs

b) Customized or Fitted Wardrobe

Customized or fitted wardrobes are the right choices for you, if you don’t have enough space in your bedroom or the room has an odd size. You can have the wardrobe made according to the size of your space and no space will be wasted. You can have hanging spaces, drawers, and shelves all custom-made according to your needs. 

You can utilize the available space in your bedroom most conveniently if you decide to have a customized or fitted wardrobe.

c) Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe door are the best solutions to save space in modern small apartments because you don’t need extra clearance to open the doors. Normally, these wardrobes have two doors but can also have three or more doors. You can hang your clothes on hangers and can also keep folded clothes and other things there.

d) Walk-in Wardrobe

The name suggests that walk-in wardrobes are large enough that you can easily walk into them. You can use these wardrobes in your bedrooms or dressing rooms but you can also keep them in your home’s other parts such as the attic or basements. You can keep your clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, and other items here.

Usually, these wardrobes are related to wealth and luxury, but you can build these wardrobes from your old storage items and furniture. For instance, use your old dresser as the wardrobe’s center space and bins and baskets to keep smaller things.

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e) Hinged Door Wardrobe

These wardrobes’ doors are attached to the wardrobes’ main body with hinges where the doors can open outwardly on a 90 degree to give you a total inner view of the wardrobes. You have the option to hang a mirror, hangers, or hooks inside the door. You can keep your clothes and other items in the wardrobe. Their style can vary and you can keep them in your dressing rooms, bedrooms, or hallways.

f) Bespoke Wardrobe

Bespoke wardrobes are made according to your specific requirements such as how many drawers and shelves you need, where you need a space to hang your hangers, whether you need a mirror on the door and the like. So, become a painter of your desired wardrobe’s outer and inner appearances, and dictate it clearly to the carpenter. These wardrobes are considered to have a bit higher quality than readymade wardrobes.

You can place it in your bedrooms, dressing rooms, study rooms, or any part of your home. 

g) Dressing Room Wardrobe

Dressing room wardrobes are made specifically to be used in your dressing rooms. They are a bit larger than regular wardrobes. You can keep your clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other necessities there. 

h) Corner Wardrobe

Corner wardrobes are designed specifically to be placed in a corner of your room. They will help you to store your clothes and other daily necessities. Mainly, these wardrobes are made of wood or metal. They can be slim and tall, or short and expanding based on your room’s corner. 

Apart from storing your clothes and other necessaries, they will also add a special beauty to your room with their style

i) Nursery Wardrobe

Nursery wardrobes are mainly designed to be used in nurseries. They are generally smaller in size and they come with some specific features like hanging rods, or adjustable shelves. You will get separate places to keep baby toys, clothes, and other items in these wardrobes. Choose the style and design to enhance the beauty of the nursery.

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j) Children's Wardrobe

Children's wardrobes are specially designed for children and generally, they come in smaller sizes than regular wardrobes. You will get separate spaces and drawers to store your children’s toys and clothes. They will help to keep your children’s room tidier. 

k) Panel Wardrobe

Panel wardrobes come with rails on one side and drawers on the other side. It can have either two or three doors. The ones with three doors have extra rails or shelves. 

2. Storage Space

Of course, you will choose a wardrobe based on your room’s size, but storage space is something with which you can’t compromise. If you have plenty of clothes and you get a wardrobe where you don’t have enough storage options, that will be a waste of money. Consider everything so carefully such as if you need more space to hang your clothes, get a wardrobe with a larger hanging area. Also, consider how many drawers and shelves you want, and if you want a safe to keep confidential and valuable things or not.

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3. Size

Choose a size with great care. Because it might happen that you’ve liked a wardrobe so much due to its awesome design but after arriving home with it you will find out that it won’t fit in there. This is an unwanted situation for sure. So, measure your room and also the dimensions of the wardrobe you liked accordingly.

4. Quantity of Clothes

This is another really important thing to think about that people often forget. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a wardrobe and then realize that your clothes won't fit in it. When you're buying a wardrobe, remember to consider how many clothes you have, how thick they are (like winter jackets and hoodies), and their sizes. It's a good idea to choose a wardrobe that has at least one hanging rail for convenience.

If your budget or the size of your room doesn't allow you to get a big wardrobe, a better option is to store your winter clothes in a suitcase until the actual season arrives. This will help reduce clutter and give you access to only the clothes you really need.

5. Material

A wardrobe can be made of mainly wood, or particleboard. The particleboard ones have either matte finishing or high-glass outward. Decide which one will suit your room. Always try finding a material that will be long-lasting and lightweight. 

Nowadays, different plastic wardrobes are also available. Choose the material based on your requirement and budget. If you are finding a wardrobe for children, consider choosing non-toxic and organic materials. 

6. The External Look

Acrylic, color glass, laminated, mirror, paint, veneer, and metallic are some of the finishes that wardrobes can have. The external look of your wardrobe matters a lot because it is one of the major pieces of furniture your bedroom has. The color, size, shape, and style of your wardrobe will enhance your room’s beauty to a great extent. 

7. The Internal Design

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a bedroom wardrobe. As it is said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and don’t choose a wardrobe just by looking at its outer appearance. How many shelves, drawers with or without locking options, hanger rods, hinges, mirrors, handles, and hooks will let you decide how well you can organize your clothes in it. Walk-in wardrobes will have some additional options such as a shoe system, secure safe, ironing board, seating, closet island, valet rods, and whole-length mirror. Usually, a 24-inch wardrobe depth will be better than an 18-inch depth.

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8. Made-to-Order or Readymade

Decide carefully, whether you need a made-to-order or readymade wardrobe. We have already discussed all the types of wardrobes above, decide on your desired one carefully. 

9. The Door Style

The wardrobe’s door style has a significant impact on the overall looks of your wardrobe. The doors need to be easily manageable, pretty-looking, and shouldn’t bend or warp with time. The shutter panel’s style and how many doors your wardrobe has also held an impact. You will see various door styles such as sliding or bypass closet doors, mirror closet doors, bifold doors, accordion doors, French doors, pocket doors, and pivot doors.

All of the doors mentioned above serve a separate purpose. For instance, pivot doors let the door open out fully, and sliding or bypass doors save you space because you don’t need any space in front of your wardrobe for the doors to open.

10. Purpose

You need to be clear about the purpose for which you are going to use your wardrobe. The style or type and storage space of your wardrobe will vary based on the purpose. For instance, if you have several clothes then a large wardrobe such as a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room wardrobe will be the right choice for you.

11. Price

Price is no doubt a crucial factor when choosing a wardrobe. First, figure out your budget, and then consider your requirements. Try choosing the most suitable wardrobe that meets your requirements, and fits in your room, as well as, your budget.

12. Wardrobe Finish

Consider your room’s style while choosing the right finish. Wardrobes made of solid wood and painted in white, grey, blue, or simply plain will look good in cozy but elegant bedroom design. Wardrobes with mirrors having monochrome or metallic frames can add a little more elegance.

13. Maintenance

Try buying a wardrobe that you can easily maintain. Ask the manufacturers or retailers from where you are buying about how to clean or maintain the wardrobe. Because maintenance is a crucial thing and without the right maintenance your wardrobe can get damaged.

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Final Words

Now, you must have a clear idea about the things to consider when buying a wardrobe in Bangladesh. So, consider these things carefully and choose your desired wardrobe to adorn your bedroom or the space where you want to place it. Get that wardrobe or almirah online from BION Style to keep your belongings organized way and at the same time, it will add a unique beauty to your room or space.


1. Why is your wardrobe design crucial?

Your wardrobe needs to be well-designed so that you can find and see everything easily. It will let you select your desired clothes timely and remove confusion. You need to select a style where you can keep your belonging organized way. You also have the option to use accessories such as drawer dividers, in-built shoe racks, tie, and belt racks to make things more organized.

2. What should be the size of a wardrobe?

Different wardrobes will differ in their sizes depending on the manufacturers. The height can be between 18 inches to 72 inches. The width can be between 24-96 inches. The number of doors and drawers is also crucial. Also, remember the available space to keep your clothes. You need enough space to keep your belongings. A standard wardrobe will have 64 inches in width and 84 inches in height.

3. How to clean and maintain a wardrobe?

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, dust the surface with a clean and dry soft piece of cloth. Dusting will help you to get rid of the excess dirt and finger stains on the surface.
  2. Then wipe that surface with a clean and damp soft cloth.
  3. Again wipe your wardrobe surface with a dry clean cloth to dry off the excess moisture.
  4. If the wardrobe has a mirror, keep that clean following the above-mentioned techniques. To get better results use a glass shiner.

The mentioned steps will help you clean and maintain your wardrobe but to get better results, ask the manufacturers or retailers from where you have bought to know the proper maintenance.