Ultimate Buying Guide for TV Stand: Everything You Should Know

03 May 2023

Tv Cabinet

For an organized living room tv stand is an essential piece of furniture. Because we all have a television in our living room. It's considered a necessary accessory in the living room.

So for the proper decoration of the living room, you just need a tv stand. 

Suppose you put your television in a random place, it will look unorganized.

But a good quality tv stand can provide a tidy look to your living room. You can easily sit on the sofa and enjoy multiple shows and programs on the television.

Different Types of Tv Stands In Bangladesh

You can find multiple types of TV stands in the Bangladesh furniture market. In this section, I am going to discuss some common types of tv stands that are specially used for the living room.

1. Tv Stand With Cabinet

This type of tv stand is one of the common types of tv stands. Most people use this type of TV stand. The upper portion of this stand is specially built for television. You can properly set up your television in that place.

Along with that, it has multiple types of storage cabinets in the lower part of the stand. 

These cabinets help store different types of elements like books, magazines, electronic accessories, remotes, etc. All the storage has a door system for closing it. So it's very effective for strengthening privacy. Your guests will never know what's inside the cabinet.

By the way, some of the tv cabinets have an option for the door lock. So you can easily lock the door. Many people use TV stands with cabinets in their bedrooms also. Because of its storage facility.

But TV cabinets consume a huge amount of space in the living room.

2. Hutch Tv Stands

Hutch tv stands are another type of famous tv stand that is available in the furniture market. This type of TV stand is mostly popular for its luxurious designs. 

If you want to establish a standard aesthetic value in your living room, you can choose hutch tv stands.

Well, the design of the hutch tv stands is similar to the open shelves

It's built with a combination of different types of shelves. It has a compartment for the tv in the central portion of it. The other portion contains multiple types of shelves.

By the way, you can use the hutch tv stands as bookshelves. Because you easily store different types of books on the shelves. Also, you can store different artifacts, antiques, and showpieces to beautify the overall look of the furniture.

But the hutch tv stands are suitable for the large living room. Because it takes up a huge amount of space in the room. As you know this type of tv stand has multiple types of shelves. So, generally, the size of the stand is larger than the regular tv stands.

3. Wall Mounted TV Stands

Wall mounted tv stands also known as floated tv stands. These TV stands are very popular for modern home decoration. 

You can set the wall-mounted tv stands in the vertical space of your living room. It's mounted with the wall so it will not consume extra space in the room.

Especially if you are looking for something minimal and modern, you must choose a wall-mounted tv stand. Most of us have huge LED and LCD televisions in our houses. Floating tv stands are appropriate for these flat televisions.

When you are going to search for a floating TV stand, you will look at different models. Some of the floating TV stands have functions for shelves. You can store multiple decoration elements on the shelves. 

Wall mounted tv stands are highly beneficial for small living rooms.

4. Movable Tv Stands

Movable tv stands are especially beneficial for business institutions and offices. Because it's easily movable from one place to another place.

In the office, employees often had to change the position of the furniture for different purposes. So multifunctional and movable tv stands are essential for them.

After using the tv stands you can place them in the corner of the room. It will also be useful for saving a good amount of space in the room.

The movable tv stand has small wheels at the bottom of the stand. This feature makes the tv stand moveable.

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Things To Consider Before Buying TV Stands

Well, I think you have broad ideas about the types of TV stands. Now let's know about some essential factors that you should focus on before buying the TV stand.

1. Right Size

During purchasing any type of furniture, you must focus on the size of that furniture. Because the wrong size can be unified for your room. Also, it will look unorganized. For purchasing the best tv stand, first, you have to measure the living room size.

Along with that, you need to focus on the other living room furniture sizes such as chairs, side tables, center tables, storage, etc.

Because the tv stand size should be matched with the other furniture for perfect fitting. 

Tv stands are built based on multiple sizes such as small, medium, and large.

Small-size tv stands come around 50-60 inches. These types of stands are good for the small living room.

Medium size tv stands generally come in 60-70 inches. The large-size tv stands are around 70-80 inches. You have to choose the size based on your living room size.

2. Building Materials

The longevity and durability of the furniture depend on the building materials.

So you must understand which material has been used in the TV stand.

Wood is the most commonly used material for tv stands. Most of the tv stands with cabinets are made of wood. You know wooden furniture is famous for its durability. 

Also, it provides a polished look to the tv stands. But you need to regularly clean and burnish the furniture.

There are also metal build TV stands available in the market. The modern and stylish tv stands are built with metal.

Along with metal tv stands are made with glass. Glass build tv stands are now very popular. Glass-based tv stands are more expensive than the other types of stands.

3. Variety of Styles

You will see different styles of tv stands in the furniture markets. They are different because of their architectural structure.

The most common style of tv stands is the contemporary style. This style of furniture is built with wooden and metal materials. Most minimalist design tv stands are considered contemporary style. 

We know that metal tv stands are also usable for the long term. Also, it will give your living room a modern look.

Another style is traditional tv stands. This is the oldest form of the tv stand. The main materials of traditional tv stands are wood. 

For the wooden structure, the traditional tv stands look more natural and polished. 

Also for long-term use, traditional tv stands are highly essential. Also, traditional-style tv stands are more reasonable than contemporary tv stands.

Modern-style tv stands are also popular among the young generation households. Modern-style tv stands are generally made with glass materials. 

The glass structure looks more premium and stylish than the previous style of tv stands.  If you are trying to find luxurious furniture, you can choose a glass-made modern-style tv stand. 

However, the style of the tv stands depends on your own choice and budget. If you want to decorate your living room extravagantly, you can choose the modern style tv stands.

4. Additional Functionality

Sometimes additional features like storage capacity are also an important factor in choosing the right tv stand for our home.

You have to focus on how many open and closed shelves the tv stand contains. Because on the shelf you can store multiple accessories.

Generally, tv stands with cabinets should contain 2-3 closed shelves. Shelves are helpful when you will use the tv stand in your bedroom.

There are different types of multi-purpose tv stands. One of the famous types of movable tv stands. So if you are looking for a more flexible tv stand, you need to ensure that the tv stand has a movable option.

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Final Words

To improve the aesthetic value of your house and office you must choose the perfect furniture. Furniture also reflects the personality of a person in front of people. So you need to choose the furniture very carefully. You know that the TV stand is one of the essential pieces of furniture in our living room. 

But how can you choose the right tv stand? I have discussed different types of tv stands and tips for choosing the right for your house decoration. I hope it will help you. In our BION Style, we have multiple types of home and office furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of tv stand is appropriate for a small living room?

Wall-mounted or floating tv stands are appropriate for the small living room. Because you can set the stand on the wall of your living room. As a result, it will not take up space on the floor.

2. Why are shelves essential for TV stands?

Tv stands with shelves or cabinets are very essential for overall functionality. You can use the shelves as a storage unit.

3. Which are the best multipurpose tv cabinets in Bangladesh?

TV CONSOLE TABLE- ARIEL is the best multipurpose tv cabinet in Bangladesh.

4. Are movable tv stands good for everyday use?

If your main intention is to choose portable furniture then you can choose movable tv stands.