Actionable Ways To Choose The Perfect Divan Bed Set (Pro Tips)

03 May 2023

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Currently, the divan bed sets are very popular among the modern generation people. So most furniture manufacturers are especially focused on updating the quality of the divan bed set.

Divan bed sets look more modern and stylish than traditional bedroom sets. The upper portion of the divan is covered with a soft fabric layer. It makes the divan bed more comfortable. Also, it has different storage compartments.

You will find different models of divans in the furniture market. But you have to choose the right one very carefully.

Different Types of Divan Beds

There are two types of divan beds available in the market. Let's know about their functionality and benefits.

Sprung Top Divan Beds

Sprung-top divan beds are one of the most popular and comfortable types of divan beds. This type of divan bed is crafted with a strong wooden frame. 

But the upper portion of the divan is built with a spring module. It makes the divan more relaxing and comfortable.

The sprung divan base comes at a higher price. But the comfortable features of this divan make it value for money. 

If you are looking for a luxurious and relaxing devan for your house you should try to purchase the sprung top divan beds.

Sprung top divan beds are available in two different functionalities like sprung edge divan beds and firm edge divan beds. 

Also, most of the sprung top divan beds contain storage capacity. In the drawer unit of the bed, you can keep different types of things.

Platform Top Divan Beds

Platform Top Divan Beds are another popular type of bed set that is very popular in the furniture market.

The structure of the platform top divan beds is crafted with a wooden frame. The top portion of the beds is built with wood that makes the top strong. In this strong base, you have to place the mattress.

This type of divan bed is available at a lower price than the sprung top divan beds.

If you are suffering from any orthopedic problem like back pains, you should focus on buying platform-top divan beds. 

Because the solid surface of the platform top divan beds is essential for relieving back pain. 

By the way, the platform top divan beds are not good for being soft and comfortable. But you can use an extra mattress to make the top portion of the divan beds more comfortable.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Divan Beds

Well, I think you have enough idea about the types of divan beds. 

But before buying the bed you must know about these essential factors. 

It will help you to purchase the best quality divan beds for your desired home.

Size of The Divan Bed

When you are going to buy furniture you must focus on the size of the entire furniture properly. Size is the priority for any kind of furniture that you choose for your house.

Because an inappropriate size furniture will never fit. Also, you will be uncomfortable using the furniture for the long term. Your family members will also feel irritated by it.

However, it will be considered a waste of money.

So when you are going to purchase the divan bed you have to determine which size is the right option for you. 

There are multiple-size divan beds available in the furniture market such as 

  • King Size Divan's Bed
  • Double Size Divan Bed
  • Single Divan Bed 

In the Bangladeshi furniture market, you will find these three different types of divan beds.

King-size divan beds are special for the large house. This type of divan bed is special for the big family. If you have multiple family members, you can choose a king-size divan bed.

On the other hand, double-size divan beds are beneficial for a small family. Suppose you have only two family members, you should buy a double divan bed.

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Also, single divan beds are very popular among customers. Single divan beds are highly essential for bachelors or students.

The bed size depends on the requirements and the room size.

Storage Units

We know that storage units are one of the common factors for most furniture. You might wonder why a bed should have storage units. Well, you can consider the divan bed as a multifunctional piece of furniture.

Generally, you can use the bed for sleeping and relaxing in your leisure time. But it can also be essential for storage units.

Divan beds are also popular for additional storage capacity. Most divan beds have multiple side drawer units in the bottom portion of the bed.

These side drawers are very efficient for storing your essential elements like clothes, electronic accessories, etc.

While choosing the divan bed you need to ensure how many storage units are available in the bed.

The modern type of divan bed contains two-three different drawer units. Storage capacity usually depends on the size of the bed. A king-size divan bed contains multiple storage units. But a single divan bed contains one single storage unit.

Also, the divan bed storage units are available in different formats such as 4 side drawer units, 2 side drawers, etc. 2 side drawers divan beds are the most commonly used bed by the users.

These types of beds are also more affordable than the four-drawer beds. So if you have a limited budget, you can choose a two-side drawer divan bed.

Height of the Divan Bed

The height of your divan bed is a very important factor. Because the height of the bed impacts overall mobility and flexibility. Along with that it also influences the overall beauty of your bedroom.

Suppose you choose a high-height divan bed set for your bedroom. You might have children in your house. 

They can accidentally fall from the bed and get injured. So it's necessary to focus on the bed height very carefully.

Also, height impacts elderly people's health. In the furniture market, you can find different heights of divan beds.

  • Low-height divan bed set
  • Regular height divan bed set.

Low-height divan beds contain thin mattresses in the upper portion of the bed. The base and legs of these divan beds are also smaller than the regular divan bed set.

You can see this type of divan bed in modern and luxurious houses. Because it's more easily movable and adjustable than the regular one.

Mattress Type

Choosing the right mattress is the most essential factor for furniture like a bed. Because the mattress is the core part of the bed. It impacts overall comfort and flexibility.

Suppose you choose a luxurious king-size divan bed set. But you don't feel comfortable and relaxed while sleeping.

You might feel confused about finding the problem with the bed. The most common issue is that your bed's mattress quality is not right for you.

There are various types of mattresses available in the furniture market. Each one of them is different based on quality and functionalities. Also, they are available at different prices.

  • Foam - Foam materials are one of the popular types of mattresses. It's crafted with multiple layers of foam. For the layers, it's very efficient for softness and comfort issues. This type of mattress is essential for those people who have joint pain or other pain-related problems.
  • Innerspring - Innerspring mattresses are also popular among people. This is one of the oldest and most traditional kinds of mattresses. It's made with a layer of springs and coils. The upper portion of the innerspring mattress is crafted with foam.
  • Hybrid - Hybrid mattresses are the combined form of foam and innerspring mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are also more expensive than the previous mattresses. The upper layer of the hybrid mattress contains foam. It makes the mattress softer. The lower portion of the mattress is crafted with the spring. This balance makes the mattress more comfortable.

So I hope you have already understood the mattress quality and types.

Foam mattresses are more convenient in terms of price and comfort factor. But for a higher budget hybrid mattress is the best choice.

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Final Words

Well, a perfect divan bed set can make your leisure time more comfortable and relaxing. But you have to choose the right divan bed for your home.

Which divan is the best for you? In this article, I have discussed the types and some important factors for choosing the best divan bed set. I hope this will help you. Best of luck. By the way, you can visit our BION Style shop. We have different types of home furniture such as almirahs, bedside tables, dressing tables, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people choose divan beds?

In the modern era, divan beds are very popular among the new generation. Because it's more comfortable and relaxing than the regular beds.

2. What type of divan base bed set is best?

Platform top divan bed sets are popular for durability and longevity. Also, it's more affordable than other types of divan beds.

3. Do divan beds have storage?

Storage or drawer unit is one of the biggest advantages of the divan bed sets. Divan beds contain different types of storage units.