How to Choose The Best Chairs for Your Home (Buying Guide)

08 May 2023

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There is no doubt that the chair is one of the core furniture of our house. Your home will look empty without perfect pairs of chairs. You can use tables and desks without a good quality chair.

We spend lots of time in chairs reading, eating, watching television, working on the computers, and multiple purposes. So you must choose the chair very carefully. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your body posture. Also, you will feel uncomfortable while sitting on it.

So let's know how you can buy the right chairs for your home.

Multiple Styles Of Chairs

Well, there are various styles of chairs available in the furniture markets. In this part, I am going to discuss some common and famous chair styles.

Arm Chairs

Armchairs are one of the most famous and commonly used chairs among people. This type of chair is mostly crafted with high-quality materials. Also, most modern armchairs are crafted with metal.

It has extra support on each side of the chairs for resting arms. So that people called these chairs armchairs.

The upper portion which is the sitting position of the chair is made of fabric. It makes the armchairs more comfortable and relaxing. You can easily use the armchairs in your living room and bedroom.

By the way, armchairs took up a significant amount of space in the room. It might be a little problem for you if you don't have enough space. You can choose a single armchair for your bedroom. It will also provide a traditional look for your home.

Side Chairs

Side chairs are another popular chair style in the furniture market. Side chairs are especially beneficial for the dining room. You can use the side chair with the dining chair.

However, side chairs are usable for any room. Because it's crafted in a small size. The thin wooden frames make the side chair more convenient.

The seat of the side chairs is made with foam and fabrics. But the other parts of the chairs contain solid wood. Side chairs don't have any arms like armchairs.

Generally, side chairs are used for a temporary period. Because you will not spend your entire time sitting at the dining table.

Side chairs are also useful for office and business institutions.

Wing Chairs

Wing chairs are essential for their relaxing functionality. You can choose wing chairs for your living and bedroom space. It's become more comfortable for its large size fabric and leather seat.

Wing chairs are highly durable for long-term use. People like wing chairs because of their shape. Each side of the chair contains long leather side panels or wings. 

This side arm panel makes the wing chair more comfortable.

You can easily spend time in the wing chair for a longer period. If you are working in your office from your home then you must choose a wing chair. 

After a long term of use, you will never feel muscle strain or back pain.

Lounge Chairs

Do you want to take your sitting experience to another level? 

You can choose lounge chairs for your home. It's the most comfortable and relaxing chair among different types of chair styles.

Along with this comfort factor, lounge chairs are efficient for making your room furniture styles more creative. You can find different designs of lounge chairs. It will provide a fancy look to your home.

Normally lounge chairs are made of wood. For the wooden material, the chair looks more polished and traditional. But some of the lounge chairs are also made with metal materials.

These both materials are essential for long-term use. However, there are some large-size lounge chairs available in the market. 

While sitting in those lounge chairs you can keep your leg elevated from the ground. It looks like an inclined bed. These types of lounge chairs are also more comfortable than regular chairs. There are also different styles of chairs you will see in the Bangladeshi furniture market such as lazy chairs, metal chairs, etc.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Chairs

I think you have got the proper ideas about famous chair styles from the previous section. But before purchasing the chairs for your home you need to know some important factors.


For any type of furniture like sofa, chairs, or dining tables you must focus on the size. Because if the size remains inappropriate, it will create an extra hassle.  

Suppose you choose a luxurious wing chair for your living room. After purchasing it, you will see that the chair is larger than the other furniture in the living room. 

It will irritate your mind. Now you have to spend an extra amount of money to rearrange the chair.

Will it become a helpful and cost-efficient option?

Rather it increases the overall home decor budget. 

First, you need to look at the size of the chair. By the way, if you want to use the chair with a table, you also focus on the table size. Because the chair height should match the table height.

Your chair height also impacts your overall body posture. If the chair is too high from the ground, you can't properly place your foot on the floor. So it will automatically create strain in your body.

Generally, the interior designers say that the appropriate chair height is 20 inches. It's essential for most people.

Building Materials

How do you consider the overall quality of the chairs?

The main building materials are the core factor to determine the quality of the chair. Building materials means which type of material is used in crafting the chair.

Also, longevity and durability depend on the building materials. If your chairs are made with good quality material, they will automatically last for a long time. But low-quality material can be vulnerable for the chairs.

Chairs are made with different types of materials. Each material has different characteristics.

The most commonly used material is solid wood. Wooden chairs are the most popular and convenient for customers. Wooden furniture is essential for long-term use.

You can easily clean and polish the wooden chair at intervals. 

Generally, the manufacturers use different types of wood for the furniture such as mahogany, cherry, maple, oak, beech, etc.

Mahogany wood is one of the popular and good quality furniture materials in our country. 

Nowadays most furniture manufacturers also use metal material for the modern type of dining and living room chairs. Metal-made chairs are also popular for their strong structure and modern design.

However, if you want to choose the best chair for your home, you can choose a wooden chair. 


Comfortness is the most important issue for furniture like chairs. 

Especially when you are searching for chairs for your home, you must ensure that the chair is comfortable for everyday using purposes.

Also, the chair should be comfortable for your family members. The overall comfort of the chair depends on the quality of the chair. If you feel comfortable sitting on a chair, it should be the better choice for you.

The seat quality depends on what type of materials are used in crafting the seat. Multiple types of materials are used in creating the seat of the chair such as leather, textile, suede, etc.

Leather material is the best for a comfortable seat. Along with the seat materials, the chair's width is also a very important factor for the overall comfort of the chair.


For a good quality chair, the building materials and size are important for its longevity. Because you can't frequently change the furniture. It's kind of a long-term investment.

Along with the chair quality, the flexibility of use is also an essential factor. If you can't use the chair with proper flexibility, it will not serve you a full advantage.

In the current furniture market, you can find different types of adjustable chairs. You can easily change the chair position to upside and downside. So it's the most flexible feature of the home chairs. 

Some of the chairs have options for taking the chair in back and front. It will help you change the chair to an incline position.

Another essential factor for the chairs is lumbar support. Specifically, if you are a student or pc gamer, who spends lots of time on your desired chair. You have to ensure that your chair has lumbar support. It's very helpful for keeping your body posture in the right position.

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Final Words

Before buying furniture like a chair you must know some important factors such as building materials, chair size, adjustability, etc. This will help you to pick the best chair for your home. Also, you should have proper knowledge about the styles and designs of the chairs. Because you might choose the wrong style of chair that will not be suitable for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which wood is best for furniture in Bangladesh?

Gamari, Mahogany, Sil Koroi, etc are the best wood for furniture in Bangladesh. These types of woods are famous for their longevity and durability.

2. Which is the most comfortable wing chair in Bangladesh?

WING CHAIR-FAUX LEATHER is the most comfortable wing chair in Bangladesh.

3. What is the major quality of a good chair?

The building material is the major quality of a good chair. The overall looks and comforts entirely depend on the building quality of the chair.

4. Which type of chair is best for back pain?

You can choose ergonomic chairs for relieving back pain.