11 Actionable Tips to Make Your Wooden Furniture More Durable

04 March 2023

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Wooden furniture will never go out of fashion. It always holds a special elegance and adds a special beauty to your home. Like other things, you also need to take extra care of wooden furniture, otherwise, it will wear and tear, and damage the looks of your home.

But do you know how to take care of your wooden furniture?

Protecting Your Wooden Furniture from Environmental Factors

Wooden furniture is beautiful and durable, but it can be vulnerable to environmental factors such as moisture, sunlight, and temperature changes. To protect your wooden furniture, keep it out of direct sunlight, maintain proper humidity levels, clean and polish it regularly, and use coasters and placemats to prevent scratches and water damage.

By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your wooden furniture remains in great condition for years to come.

Don’t you have a clear idea about it? Just read this blog and get a complete idea about 11 actionable tips to make your wooden furniture more durable. 

Just Follow These Tips and Keep Your Furniture More Durable for Ages:

1. Dust Regularly

Dust your wooden furniture regularly to keep the extra dust away. Always remember before you clean your furniture with any cleaner, dust it exactly, otherwise, it will become muddy while you will clean it with any cleaner. Use a soft feather duster for your regular dusting task.

2. Use Coasters

If you have brand new wooden furniture, take care that it won’t get any stains, or spots from anywhere. Whether new or old, you always need to take care of this fact. That’s why use coasters while keeping any glasses of cold drinks, juices, cups, or mugs of hot drinks like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. This is a good trick to keep your furniture free from any stains or spots.

3. Try to Keep the Fresh Smell of Your Furniture Intact

When you get quality furniture from a reliable store, the furniture will emit a fresh smell. You’ll get high-quality furniture online from BION Style that will also emit the same. If you want this fresh smell to remain always, use lemon oil at every corner and edge of your wooden furniture. 

4. Use the Exact Cleaner

You’ll always want to make your wooden furniture look shinier but always learn well whether you are using the exact cleaner for your furniture or not. Always try to get products specialized for wood cleaning. Read the instructions on the labels carefully and follow them accordingly. Remember that your cleaner shouldn’t contain ammonia in that because it can damage your furniture surface permanently.

5. Know Well about the Finishing and Wood before Cleaning it.

Wooden furniture has various compositions, finishing, and styles. If you want to clean your wood well, the most available types of finishing are as follows:

  • Varnish:

You need not use water on it. Just clean it with a little damp cloth. You have the option to use an expert cleaning solution if you want to remove solid stains. 

  • Paint:

This finishing is not that sensitive. So, you can apply a solution of washing liquid to clean it. 

  • Wax:

 You can clean it with a soapy wood-cleaning solution. Try buying well-known, commercial products. 

  • Unsealed Finishing:

You need to apply the cleaner on a cloth and then clean it with that cloth but don’t spray it directly into the material. Try to keep your furniture dry.

6. Clean Your Furniture Properly.

You need to know the exact cleaning way of your furniture to keep it more durable. Let’s know three types of cleaning:

1. Cleaning Polished Furniture

You can clean polished furniture (wooden) in two ways:

  • With Tea bags

1st Step- Keep 4 or 5 black tea bags in hot water for around 10 minutes.
2nd Step- Soak a clean and soft cloth in that solution and squeeze it to remove the extra solution. 
3rd Step- Clean the polished furniture with the cloth.
4th Step- Tanning of tea to maintain its glossy appearance and dark finish.

  • With a Polish

Use any reliable wood polish available in the market to keep your furniture shiny. Use polish on your wooden furniture and let it stay for 1 to 2 hours before you use the furniture.

2. Cleaning Fungus from Furniture

You can clean fungus from furniture (wooden) in two ways:

  • With Soap Solution

1st Step- Mix warm water and dishwashing soap.
2nd Step- Spray this solution on the affected area.
3rd Step- Gently clean away the fungus and rub away the extra liquid when cleaning.
4th Step- Completely wipe and make the surface dry using a clean and dry cloth.

  • With White Vinegar

1st Step- Mix warm water and vinegar equally in a sprayer and spritz this solution on the affected area.
2nd Step- Let it remain for 1 hour and then wipe the space with a damp cloth.
3rd Step- Wipe the whole furniture with a dry soft cloth.

3. Deep Cleaning Dust from Furniture

Deep cleaning dust from your wooden furniture whether sofa, chair, center table, cabinet, tea trolley, side table, or living storage will require you to do the following:

1st Step- Dust your furniture with a dry, soft microfiber cloth and remove the loose dust or dirt. You can also use your vacuum cleaner with the attachment of a soft brush for this purpose. 
2nd Step- Take a container and mix a mild liquid soap (1 teaspoon) with warm water in it
3rd Step- Take a cloth and dip it into the container and squeeze it out. 
4th Step- Wipe the furniture to remove tough stains or dirt (if any). 
5th Step- Rinse this cloth with normal water and squeeze it out. 
6th Step- Wipe out the furniture surface to take off the extra soap solution. 
7th Step- Take a towel and dry out the furniture completely.

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7. Keep Your Furniture Away from Sunlight.

Many people are not aware of the fact that continual exposure to heat and sunlight can weaken your wooden furniture’s foundation. Placing your wooden furniture continuously outside and letting it absorb sunlight will lead to spots or spotting on the furniture. Suddenly, bright and dark spots will appear on the whole surface of your furniture. 

You need to keep your wooden items away from the sunlight but it won’t be possible for you all the time. Especially, during winter people love to sit in the sun with their chairs, and even sometimes they love to take their meals in the sun at their dining tables. In such cases, you need to be careful and consider covering your table with a tablecloth to protect it from sunlight and UV rays.

8. Take Care that Your Furniture Doesn’t Get Wet.

Avoid keeping your furniture outside or near the window so that it doesn’t get wet in rain water. Also, if you wipe your furniture with water, try wiping the water off well, so that the wood doesn’t remain wet. 

9. Take Care of Humidity and Temperature.

You need to take care of humidity and temperature well to keep your wooden item durable for years. If the wood absorbs humidity, it expands, and if it happens for a long time, it might result in cracks in the furniture.

10. Polish the Furniture At Least Once a Year.

Polishing will add extra years to the lifetime of your furniture, and it needs to be done with experts. You might think that it would be costly but you can keep your wooden furniture new and glossy for years. So, consider polishing your furniture at least once a year.

11. Cover the Wooden Furniture (If not Frequently Used).

Try keeping old bed covers aside to cover your wooden furniture if it’s not used frequently, or you’re going out on a vacation.

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Final Words:

Now, you must become confident about the 11 actionable tips to make your wooden furniture more durable. So, apply these tips and keep your wooden furniture brand new and sturdy for years. If you need any elegant, stylish, and quality furniture please visit here.


1. What is UV furniture protection? 

Varnishes and UV coatings are used on furniture to protect it from the sunlight, it is called UV furniture protection. It will help them keep sealed and preserved for years and the product finish will look of superior quality. 

2. What is the best UV protection for wood furniture?

You can use Natural Oil Woodstain (19 tints) or Osmo Decking Oils (11 tints) instead of Osmo UV-Protection Oil (Clear) as the best UV protection for wood furniture. 

3. How to protect wood furniture from sunlight?/ How to protect the wood from sun damage?

Applying varnish, painting, and staining will create a protective layer that will decrease the UV ray amount that damages the wood, eventually preventing spotting, slitting, and cracking.

4. How to protect indoor furniture from sunlight?

Protect your indoor furniture from hurtful sunlight by doing the following:

  • Consider installing solar shades.
  • Place your furniture properly taking care of the fact that it doesn’t come in contact with the sunlight.
  • Use adhesive film for windows. This is window film to prevent sun damage. 
  • Window covering for eventual shading.
  • Spray UV protectants on the furniture.
  • Apply liquid UV protectant adhesive or sealants on your furniture.
  • Keep the furniture covered with an old bed cover or other large clothes.
  • Get solar screens installed on your doors and windows. These screens are made of superior mesh materials and keep sunrays away from your wooden and other furniture.

5. How to fix sun-faded wood furniture?

You can revive the furniture color with oil-based wax and wood polish. Simple beeswax, coconut oil, or a solution of beeswax and olive oil are quite gentle and still workable on open or weathered surfaces such as a garden or household furniture, flooring, and front doors.

6. How to keep your stained wood furniture from fading in the sun?

If you are applying stain coats on your furniture, let it completely dry and apply a clear coat of UV protectant upon the layer of the stain. This coat will offer you an extra protection layer against the powerful rays of the sun.