Tips to Clean Your Fabric Office Sofa Without Damaging It!

27 February 2023

Office Sofa

Whether it's your home or office, you need to keep it clean. Especially, your office is the place where your clients and other business associates meet. So, keeping it clean and presentable is your first and foremost duty.

Your office sofa, Lounge sofa whether it be a fabric sofa, rexine sofa, wooden sofa, single seater sofa, or 2-seater sofa; is a part of your office decoration for sure, and people sit there. So, you need to keep that clean and make that look beautiful.

Does your office have fabric sofas and aren’t you sure about their cleaning process? If yes, just read these tips to clean your fabric office sofa without damaging it from this article.

How to Clean the Sofa of Your Office?

Here, we’ll discuss three methods to clean your office sofa in total. Again, those three methods are divided into several steps. Let’s have a look at those ways and their steps thoroughly.

1. First check your couch tag for cleaning instructions

The tag will typically display one of the following codes: W, WS, S, or X. If your couch bears the codes W or WS, you can proceed with do-it-yourself (DIY) cleaning solutions, which will be discussed in this article. However, if your couch displays the codes S or X, it is advisable not to attempt these methods. The code W signifies that you can utilize a water-based cleaner, while WS indicates that you can use either a water-based cleaner or a commercial solvent. The cleaning solutions mentioned in this article are suitable for both W and WS codes. If your couch bears the code S, you should exclusively use a solvent and avoid DIY cleaning methods. Lastly, if your couch displays the code X, it is recommended to solely vacuum the couch, as using a cleaning solution may harm the fabric.

2. A Simple Way to Clean Your Fabric Office Sofa and Basics

If you want to remove dirt fast, try applying this vinegar technique: take ½ cup of water and include some drops of vinegar into it. Take the solution into a spray bottle. Now, spray the solution on the place of dirt. Don’t rub, just blot that place using a dry paper napkin so that you can lift that stain.

Let’s learn some basics now. Generally, you can use any or a combination of the following things to get your office fabric sofa cleaned:

  • Dry Duster or Cleaning Brush.
  • Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Vinegar.
  • Water.
  • Baking Soda.
  • Steamer.
  • Drying Towel.
  • Paper Napkin or Paper Towel.

Whenever you want to clean your fabric sofa, or any other furniture, counters, car interiors, and the like, first, check the care codes or tags where the codes are mentioned. It will let you know which cleaners or solvents you’ll use. After you’ve found the right solutions and applied that to the furniture, ensure that you blot using a dry napkin or towel- please never rub.

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3. Cleaning it for Stains

When your fabric sofa has stains follow these steps mentioned here:

a) Get rid of the stains fast: Whenever your fabric sofa gets a stain or spill, try to get rid of it immediately. Even a wait for some minutes- can make the stain set, causing trouble for you in removing it.

b) Read the instructions of the manufacturer: Check the recommendations of the manufacturer for care before you use any cleaning solutions or detergents. Generally, you can find it on your sofa’s tags. If you fail to apply safe cleaning solutions, it will damage your upholstery permanently.

c) Check your fabric sofa’s cleaning codes: You’ll see some random letters printed on the sofa’s tags. These are the codes. Check out our blog on “10 Effective Ways to Clean Your Sofa” to know the meanings of these codes.  

d) Take a dry duster or cleaning brush to take the loose particles off: Use a brush that’s stiff and has natural bristles to make the stains loose and to brush away dirt and dust from the surface.

e) Use a vacuum cleaner: Before you scrub and clean the fabric sofa, use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles such as crumbs and the like. Thus, you can easily identify and concentrate on stubborn stains when you want to clean those.

f) Use baking soda: You can use baking soda for cleaning stains. You’ll get the full idea from our blog “10 Effective Ways to Clean Your Sofa”. Always remember whatever cleaning solution you use on your sofa, first, apply it on a test part of your couch before you clean the whole area.

g) Spot clean with the instructed solution: Start cleaning your sofa with the instructed agent or product. In case, you aren’t sure whether the solution is the same as mentioned in the instructions, test a small part to check whether any discoloration occurs. Whether the solution is water-based, solvent, or both, try following the instructions mentioned on its pack. If it’s mentioned in the instructions, consider using a soft napkin to wipe away that solution.

h) Dry the fabric sofa using a soft napkin or towel: Use a dry napkin or towel to absorb the rest moisture. Softly brush away any remaining solution.

i) Dry the fabric sofa in the air: Let your sofa air dry. You can turn your ceiling fan or pedestal fan on for some time or overnight. When it is morning, you’ll see your office sofa is clean as a new one.

4. Cleaning it with a Sofa Cleaner or Steamer

The thing you need:

A sofa cleaner or steamer. Ensure that you’ve read the recommendations of the manufacturer that it will be safe for your fabric sofa. Also, make sure that your sofa is heat-safe as it is water-safe. Here, you also need to test clean a partial area before doing pun intended or full steam.

Steps to follow:

a) Go through the manual: Read the steam cleaner’s instructions carefully before you start cleaning.

b) Vacuum clean first: Vacuuming the sofa or any other thing before you start cleaning will make your cleaning task a lot easier. Dust, dirt, or any other loose pieces won’t come your way while cleaning, and the steam cleaner will get a free field to work.

c) Keep full air circulation: Turn your ceiling fan or pedestal fan on and keep all the windows of the room open for powerful cross ventilation. It will make the full circulation, and prevent any moisture buildup.

d) Test clean a part first: This is a crucial step, and you need to repeat it. Choose a little hidden part to test the steamer or cleaner, like the inside of your sofa’s skirt (if there is one, and the material of the inside part has the same fabric as the sofa’s outside) or the back.

e) Let your couch air dry: Please ensure that your sofa is fully dried before you sit on it. Keep all the windows of your room open so that the sofa is fully dried out. You might need to leave your sofa intact overnight to help it fully dry.

f) Vacuum clean again: Vacuum your sofa again after you have finished steaming it. It will make sure that any dust or dirt loosened by your cleaner gets completely removed. Just ensure that your sofa is fully dry before you vacuum it.

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Final Words:

Now, you must have got the tips to clean your fabric office sofa without damaging it. If you need some more details please check out our FAQ section, and to get stylish and elegant sofas for your office online visit BION Style.

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1. How to clean a woven fabric couch?

Vacuum the couch so you don’t have to rub in debris or dirt while cleaning. Take a bucket and mix around two cups of distilled water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid both in the same quantity of one tablespoon. Then take a microfiber cloth and dampen it with the cleaning solution.

Now, gently blot any area that has stains with this cloth. When you’re done with your cleaning, vacuum the sofa, and keep it in the air to dry.

2. How do you deep clean a couch?

Often, your couch or sofa needs a deep clean because it gets stubborn stains because of pets, kids, or even adults. Just follow these steps to deep clean your sofa:

  • Brush your sofa to remove dirt, hair, and crumbs.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to clean even more thoroughly.
  • If possible remove the sofa cushions covers and clean those separately.
  • Take baking soda and sprinkle it all over the sofa and leave it there for about 30 minutes.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up this baking soda.
  • Test clean or spot clean stains with recommended solutions.
  • Let the sofa air dry.

To get a better idea read the whole article.

3. Can I clean my sofa with vinegar?

Yes, you can clean your sofa with vinegar. You can make a solution of ½ cup of water and a few drops of vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the place of dirt and blot that place using a dry paper napkin to lift that stain.

4. How to shampoo a sofa?

You can use an expert couch cleaner or carpet cleaner to shampoo your sofa. First, vacuum your sofa to remove dirt in the best possible way. Then, fill the cleaner with detergent and water as mentioned in the instructions. Make sure your sofa doesn’t get too wet because it will create issues with dampness and mold in case, there is any excess moisture. Use the cleaner’s suction feature to remove more water.

Use old towels or napkins to blot up the excess water when you have finished cleaning. Then let your couch air dry before you replace the cushions. You can turn on your ceiling fan or pedestal fan to speed up the drying.

5. How can you disinfect a sofa?

Steam cleaning will help you get rid of germs and bacteria from your sofa. But you can also use other methods. Rubbing alcohol also helps to kill a vast range of pathogens and germs. Take a spray bottle and Mix a cup of water with rubbing alcohol (2 cups) in it. Now, lightly spray on the sofa, and ensure that it doesn’t get too wet. Remove the sofa cushions to spray the other parts like the frame and all the cushion’s sides separately. Let the sofa and cushions dry in the air.

6. How can you clean a polyester sofa?

Take a sponge that is lightly dampened, and brush lightly over the stained area. If the stain can be removed only with water take a little bit of dishwashing liquid with water and dampen the sponge with that and lightly wipe. Don’t squeeze or press the sponge. Thus, your polyester sofa won’t get damaged.

7. How can you get rid of water stains on your sofa?

Just follow these steps to get rid of the water stains:

  1. Vacuum up the spill. Set the cleaner to the setting called liquid, and suck up as much moisture as possible.
  2. In case, the vacuum can’t remove this stain, try a vinegar-diluted solution. Spray it on the stain and wipe it away with a soft cloth.
  3. Now, blot the spill using a dry microfiber towel because it is so absorbent.