Top Tips for Choosing Reception Desk for Your Office

02 March 2023

Reception Table

Your office reception decoration is one of the crucial factors in organizing the entire office. Because the office reception desk creates the first impression in front of the customers and clients. 

As the reception desk is situated at the entrance of your office, so you have to choose the design of the reception desk very carefully. You might think that how can you choose the right reception desk for your office.

No worries! In this article, we are going to discuss some significant tips that will help you to choose a good quality and multifunctional reception desk for your house. So let's jump on that.

Top 5 Must-Have Tips For Buying Reception Desk for Your Office 

When you are going to buy a reception desk, you have to check some significant factors such as shapes, size, materials, quality, price, etc. In this section, we will discuss all of these factors more broadly.

1. Choose the Best Materials 

For any kind of furniture, the building material is the most significant factor. Because the longevity and durability of that specific furniture depend on the building materials. 

Also, the material determines the quality of the furniture. So you have to carefully focus on the materials of the reception desk. Reception desks are built with different types of materials.

  • Solid Wooden Material: Solid wood materials are the most commonly used materials for furniture. Wood has been used as a traditional furniture material for longer periods. The solid wooden reception desk will provide a convenient and polished look. You can find different models of this type of desk.
  • Laminate Countertops Material: Generally Laminate Countertops materials are plastic-made reception desks. The upper portion of the desk is made of plastic. The lower portion of this type of desk is specially made with wood. As these desks are built with plastic, these kinds of desks are cheaper than wooden desks. So if you are thinking of temporary decoration then you can choose Laminate Countertops for reception desks.
  • Stone-Made Materials: This type of reception desk is the most luxurious and expensive material for the reception desk. Currently, these reception desks are popular among the new generation of entrepreneurs and office owners. The entire structure of the reception desk is made of natural stone. In terms of quality, these kinds of desks are highly durable.

These three types of crafting materials are commonly used for reception desks. So you can choose any of the materials desks for everyday use.

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2. Find the Proper Shape

Your reception desk shape is a very important factor. You have to choose the style of the reception desk based on your room shape. Suppose you choose the wrong shape desk, it will not be fitted with your reception. There are different shapes of reception desks available in the furniture market.

  • L - Shaped Reception Desks: L - shaped reception desks are the most commonly used and famous desks. Especially most of the corporate offices and institutions. This type of reception desk is perfectly suitable for a small space.
  • U - Shaped Reception Desks: U- shaped reception desk style is another popular reception desk available in the furniture markets. This type of reception desk is specially used in the office waiting room. It's mostly beneficial for its large work space and storage capacity. So that multiple team members can easily work there. Some of the modern types of u-shaped contain multi-functionality features. 
  • Round Reception Desks: Round or curved reception desk is one of the popular and modern styles of reception desks. Currently, this type of reception desk is mostly used in modern offices. But this kind of reception desk consumes too much space in the office waiting room. On the other hand, these reception desks expensive than the previous styles. So if you have enough space in your office waiting room then you can choose round shaped reception desks.

3. Select the Perfect Size

Whenever you are going to purchase any furniture for your home or office, you must choose the appropriate size. Suppose you choose the wrong size chair or table for your office. It will become a waste of money because you can't use it.

So it's very significant to choose the right size reception desk for the waiting room of your office. First, you have to measure the entire space of the waiting room. After that, you need to match the desk size with the room measurement. 

The reception desks usually come in multiple sizes. Single-person reception desks are suitable for the small size office waiting room. Only one employee can sit at the desk and maintain the tasks. 

Besides that, mid-size reception desks are available. These types of reception desks are specially made for medium office waiting rooms. Generally, two people can easily sit at these reception desks and maintain their tasks. 

There are also large size reception desks available. This kind of reception desk is specially designed for banks and hotels. So that multiple employees can easily maintain their work appropriately.

The reception desk size is determined based on how many employees you will assign to the waiting room. There is an option for building a customized reception desk. So you can order a reception based on your office requirements.

4. Appropriate Design

Along with the purpose, furniture is also the most important decorative element of your house and office. Furniture impacts the aesthetic value of the office. So you need to choose the style of design for the reception desk very carefully.

There are various designs of reception desks available in the furniture market. The most common designs are 

  • Modern: Modern design desks are currently popular among users. Most of the offices use modern design reception desks in their waiting room. This type of reception is made with premium quality solid wood. Modern reception desks are more expensive than traditional design desks.
  • Minimalist: Minimalist design reception desks are another popular type of desk in modern offices. These desks are crafted in the very simplest and smartest manner. 
  • Eclectic: Eclectic reception desk designs are very different from modern and minimalist designs. This can be considered as the combination of multiple designs. Currently, this is not so popular among most people. This kind of design might become popular in the future. 

We hope that you got an appropriate idea about the designs of the reception desks. Generally, minimalist designs are the most commonly used and famous reception desks. Too gorgeous designs are not suitable for professional places like offices.

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5. Storage Space and Functionality 

Before buying a reception desk, you must focus on the storage capacity of the desk. Because the storage cabinets are especially useful for storing different necessary things like notes, accessories, keys, papers, documents, etc.

Normally most of the reception desks contain at least 2-3 three different drawers. A large size u- shaped reception desk contains more than that. Without the drawers, the reception desk will be considered incomplete.

Along with the drawers, every reception desk should contain an optimum-size countertop space. The countertop space is the upper area of the reception desk. The upper portion is especially used for the keeping of telephones, magazines, promotional cards, pen cases, etc. 

Besides that, the desk countertop space should be enough for setting up computer monitors. Because you that nowadays most of the corporate tasks are easily manageable through the help of the computers. Along with the top portion, the inside bottom portion of the desk needs to have enough space for setting up the computer's CPU.

The overall functionality of the desk should be well organized. Otherwise, it will become problematic for your employees to manage their daily tasks appropriately.

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Final Words

There is no doubt that organizing office furniture is one of the most important tasks. So it's necessary to pick the right furniture for the appropriate place. The reception area or the waiting room is a very significant part of the office. So you should choose a perfect reception desk. In this article, we have discussed with you some significant tips that will help you to pick the appropriate desk for your reception.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most essential furniture for an office?

To organize a new office, you must need different types of furniture. Office furniture is the most needed equipment for improving overall productivity. The most commonly used office furniture are executive chairs, office sofas, storage racks, drawer units, file cabinets, executive tables, etc.

2. Why reception area is the an important place in an office?

Well, the reception area is considered as one of the significant places of your office. This area especially welcomes your clients and customers. It also creates the first impression about your entire business or company to them.

3. Which shaped reception desk is most suitable for the office?

The L and U-shaped reception desk is the most commonly used reception desk in offices and institutions. Because these types of desks do not consume too much space in the waiting room.