A Complete Solution for Buying the Right Almirah

22 June 2023

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Choosing the right almirah for your home can be a daunting task, considering the wide range of options available in the market. However, with proper guidance and knowledge, you can make an informed decision. In this blog post, we will provide you with a complete solution for buying the right almirah that meets your needs and fits your space perfectly.

Understand Your Storage Needs

Before you start shopping for an almirah, it's important to assess your storage requirements. Take some time to consider the types of items you need to store, their sizes, and the quantity of storage space you need. This will help you determine the right size, number of compartments, and shelving options for your almirah.

Begin by categorizing your belongings and identifying the specific storage needs for each category. For example, if you primarily need to store clothes, a wardrobe almirah with hanging rods, shelves, and drawers for organizing garments would be ideal. On the other hand, if you need to store a mix of items like clothes, accessories, and other belongings, a multi-purpose almirah with a combination of hanging space, shelves, and drawers would be more suitable.

There are different types of almirah available for regular use:

Types of Almirahs To begin, it is important to understand the various types of almirahs available. Each type offers unique features and advantages. Here are some common types:

Cabinet Almirah: A hanger with a single-door almirah refers to a cabinet-style storage unit that features a single door and is equipped with a hanger rod for hanging clothes. This type of almirah is designed specifically for storing and organizing clothing items.

Mirror Almirah: A cabinet with a mirror refers to a storage unit that incorporates a mirror on its exterior surface. It combines the functionality of a cabinet for storage purposes with the convenience of a mirror for personal grooming and reflection. These cabinets are commonly used in bedrooms, dressing rooms, or bathrooms.

Almirah with dressing Unit: An almirah with a dressing unit is a combination furniture piece that typically consists of a wardrobe or storage cabinet (almirah) combined with a built-in dressing table or mirror unit. It provides both storage space for clothing and accessories as well as a dedicated area for grooming and getting ready.

Three-Part Cabinet: The Three-Part Cabinet is a versatile and functional storage solution designed to meet various organizational needs. As the name suggests, it consists of three separate sections, each offering ample space for storing and arranging different items.

Two-Part Cabinet: Double-door almirahs offer more storage space and are commonly used in bedrooms. They typically have a combination of shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to accommodate clothes, accessories, and other personal belongings.

Measure Your Space

You should take measurements of your space so that you can choose an accurate almirah for your home. Take accurate measurements of the area where you plan to place the almirah, considering the height, width, and depth. Additionally, note any doors, windows, or obstacles that may affect the placement and movement of the almirah.

Take into account the clearance space needed for opening doors and drawers comfortably. It's also essential to measure the height of the ceiling to ensure that the almirah does not exceed the available vertical space.

By measuring your space accurately, you can avoid purchasing an almirah that is either too small and does not meet your storage needs or too large and overwhelms the room.

Determine the Almirah Type

There are various types of almirahs available in the market, each catering to different storage needs. It's important to determine the specific type of almirah that suits your requirements. Here are a few common types:

Wardrobe Almirahs: These almirahs are specifically designed for storing clothes. They typically feature hanging rods, shelves, and drawers to organize garments efficiently. Wardrobe almirahs come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different clothing items.

Multi-purpose Almirahs: If you need storage space for a variety of items like clothes, accessories, and other belongings, a multi-purpose almirah is a versatile option. It offers a combination of hanging space, shelves, and drawers to cater to different storage needs.

Kitchen Almirahs: Kitchen almirahs are designed specifically for storing kitchen items, including utensils, dishes, and pantry items. They often feature specialized compartments and racks to maximize kitchen storage efficiency.

Office Almirahs: If you require storage space for your home office or study room, office almirahs are a suitable choice. They offer compartments for files, documents, books, and office supplies, helping you keep your workspace organized.

By determining the type of almirah that best suits your storage requirements, you can narrow down your options and focus on finding the right one for your home. Bion Style has all kinds of Almirah collections according to your choice.

Consider Material and Quality

The material and quality of the almirah play a crucial role in its durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. Different materials offer different advantages, so it's important to consider your preferences and needs.

Here are some common materials used in almirah construction:

Wood: Wooden almirahs are known for their classic and timeless appeal. They are durable, sturdy, and provide an elegant look to any space. Solid wood almirahs are particularly high-quality and long-lasting.

Metal: Metal almirahs, typically made of steel or iron, offer durability and strength. They are resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for heavy usage.

Engineered Wood: Engineered wood almirahs are made from a combination of wood and other materials, offering durability and cost-effectiveness. They often have a veneer or laminate finish, providing a wide range of design options.

Consider the maintenance requirements of the material you choose. For instance, wooden almirahs may require periodic polishing or varnishing, while metal almirahs may need occasional cleaning to prevent rust. Additionally, pay attention to the quality of construction, including the strength of joints, hinges, and handles. Well-constructed almirahs are likely to last longer and withstand regular usage.

Check Storage Features Properly

When purchasing an almirah, it's important to evaluate the storage features it offers. Look for features that cater to your specific needs and enhance the organization of your belongings. Here are some essential storage features to consider:

Adjustable Shelves: Opt for an almirah that offers adjustable shelves. This allows you to customize the storage space according to the size and quantity of items you need to store.

Hanging Rods: If you need to hang clothes, ensure that the almirah has sturdy and well-placed hanging rods. Consider the height and length of the rods to accommodate different types of clothing.

Drawers: Almirahs with drawers are beneficial for storing smaller items and accessories. Check for smooth glides and proper construction to ensure ease of use and durability.

Additional Compartments: Depending on your needs, look for almirahs that offer additional compartments like shoe racks, tie racks, or accessory organizers. These compartments help you maximize storage efficiency and keep your belongings organized.

Evaluate the storage features based on your specific requirements to ensure that the almirah can accommodate your belongings effectively.

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Style and Design Ideas for Almirah

The style and design of the almirah play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space. Consider the existing decor and theme of your home when choosing the style and design of the almirah. Here are a few points to consider:

Modern or Contemporary: If your home has a modern or contemporary design, opt for an almirah with clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and sleek finishes.

Traditional or Antique: For a more traditional or antique look, choose an almirah with intricate detailing, ornate handles, and a vintage finish.

Material and Color: Consider the material and color of the almirah to ensure it complements the overall decor. Wood finishes can add warmth and richness, while metal finishes can provide a more industrial or modern look.

Glass or Mirrored Panels: Almirahs with glass or mirrored panels can create an illusion of space, reflect light, and add a touch of elegance to the room.

Select a style and design that resonates with your personal preferences and harmonizes with your home decor.

Set a Budget According to your needs

Setting a budget is essential to guide your almirah purchase. Determine a budget range based on your financial capabilities and the quality and features you desire. It's important to strike a balance between affordability and quality to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Research the market to get an idea of the price range for almirahs that meet your criteria. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid overspending. Remember to consider factors like material, size, storage features, and brand reputation when determining the budget.

Read Reviews and Compare Brands

Before making a final decision, it's beneficial to read reviews of different almirah brands and models. Customer feedback provides insights into the quality, durability, and functionality of the almirahs. Look for reviews that specifically address the features and performance that matter most to you.

Compare prices, features, and warranties offered by different manufacturers. Consider factors like after-sales service, brand reputation, and customer support. Choose a reliable brand with a good track record for quality and customer satisfaction.

Purchase from a Reliable Retailer

Ensure that you purchase your almirah from a reputable retailer or an authorized dealer of the brand. This guarantees the authenticity of the product and provides confidence in case you need any after-sales support or warranty service. Research and choose a retailer with a good reputation, positive customer reviews, and transparent return or exchange policies.

There are also some additional points you can consider while choosing a right Almirah for yourself-

Customization Options: Some manufacturers offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the almirah according to your specific needs. This can include features like additional drawers, adjustable shelves, or specific storage compartments. Consider if customization is important to you and inquire about the available options.

Delivery and Assembly: Check the delivery and assembly options provided by the seller. Ensure that the almirah can be delivered to your location and inquire about the assembly process. If required, consider hiring professional assembly services to ensure the almirah is set up correctly.

Warranty and After-Sales Service: Look for almirahs that come with a warranty or guarantee. A warranty provides peace of mind and protects you against manufacturing defects. Additionally, inquire about the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer, including repair and maintenance services.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options: If environmental sustainability is a concern for you, consider almirahs made from sustainable materials or those certified by eco-friendly standards. Look for options that use recycled materials or have a minimal environmental impact during production.


By following these steps, you can navigate the process of buying the right almirah for your home with confidence. Prioritize your storage needs, measure your space accurately, consider the almirah type, evaluate material and quality, and assess storage features. Along with that, factor in style, set a budget, read reviews, purchase from a reliable retailer, and inquire about delivery and assembly services. With careful consideration of these factors, you can find the perfect almirah that meets your storage needs and enhances the aesthetics of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of almirah is best?

Wooden Almirah is the best choice but for durability plywood is also one of the most preferred materials for modern almirah designs.

2. Is it possible to customize Almirah?

Yes, it is possible to customize any furniture according to the user's choice and lifestyle.

3. Where can I get the best kind of Almirah?

Many online and offline stores are available for any kind of furniture. Bion Style provides the best quality products in Bangladesh.

4. How much is the charge for a customized Almirah?

It depends on the design and size of the products.